I am Shilpa! And I’m glad you're here!

I was born in the Himalayan town of Dharamsala, in the lap of snowy peaks and spiritual vibes from HH Dalai Lama just across the hill. I know, I'm lucky!

I lived a major part of my life in and around Hyderabad, a city I totally adore while also getting to travel throughout the country. I spent almost all my summer holidays in Goa, where my grandparents lived. For a brief while, I lived in England where I gained my Master's in Criminology. (Not joking!)

Career-wise, I am a social development professional who has worked with major national, international and governmental organizations in the field of anti-human trafficking, irregular immigration, rural development, gender, and currently, refugees.    

In my alternate life, I am married to a soldier, so it defines a major part of that life, you know, like worrying about his safety, postings, planning events, cooking for a whole village and running around in sarees, all the while trying to look graceful (#epicfail). But I’m on a constant endeavor to explore and maintain my personality beyond being an army wife. It helps me to stay grounded and grateful.

Things I love are – travelling, learning, walking, happy kids, meaningful conversations, red lips and being home.

Things that freak me out – snakes, ghosts, judgmental people, negativity and theme parties.

This blog is a platform for me to create a happy, positive and upbeat space where I can learn and share interesting aspects of love, life and travel with like-minded people.

The major themes you will come across on this blog are navigating motherhood and marriage in a modern world, travel tales, my experiments with minimalism and life in the army.

Some of the links on the blog are affiliate links. Their sole purpose is to support this blog so that I can spend more time in creating quality content and investing in a better reader experience.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts here as much as I enjoy writing them!

If you have anything to say, share or rant, write to me at shilpaspisal@gmail.com 

You can also follow my daily musings on instagram @shilpasinghpisal or follow the blog on Facebook.

Thank you for your time!


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