Weekend Links

Hello! How have you been this week? We have been good, exhausted, happy and tired. I have been trying my best to keep the bub off the gadgets and having partial success. If you have any tips on how to do it better, please let me know. Meanwhile, here are some interesting links from the world wide web:

I'm hearing such great reviews about this Oscar-nominated film!

How to raise boys in 2020.

What a breath-taking blue wall!

The myth of sustainable fashion.

Thank you, bhau! So heartwarming.

Can't wait to bake these cookies.

The best 50 ice-cream parlours in the world...yummy!

Robert Pattinson in Paris is two of my fantasies combined..lol!

Vegan gluten-free naan. Interesting and yummyilicious.

What a pretty dress for the coming spring!

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