Weekend Links

Hello everyone!

How has your week been? Do you have any special plans for the weekend? The bub is not keeping well with a stomach infection so we are just going to lie low the next couple of days. Here are some interesting links from around the world for you to read:

This caption has my heart..

India has changed its abortion law allowing abortion till 24th week of pregnancy. Bravo!

My life story, in every party! Haha!

Do you remember VIVA!, India's first girl band?

Are we over-exposing our kids on social media?

Engagement rings are a scam?

One of my most favourite moviemakers, this video is a delight to watch!

Mark Ruffalo is the funniest celebrity ever!

My sister says this movie  is a must-watch for all women!

A planner that is radically changing my life.

Have a good weekend!


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