My Favourite Baby Travel Hack

Travelling with babies (and toddlers) is a battle in managing space, especially if you happen to be travelling alone like I have several times and by flight - meaning restricted luggage. And when you have to pack multiple clothes (for the child of course), their toileteries, bag full of medicines for all kind of emergencies imaginable, it hardly leaves any space for your own necessities. With barely able to pack my clothes in the limited remaining space, here's my favourite baby travel hack:

While travelling, I use toiletry products that I have packed for my baby i.e. I share his hair & body shampoo, dusting powder, body cream, oilssunscreen. Wet wipes make for great makeup removers btw. The products are really mild and non-reacting, work for me and no-brainer - I smell good!

It saves me a lot of space and efforts not to carry separate toileteries items for myself. If adult skincare products are available wherever I'm travelling to, I might use those.

What's your favourite baby travel hack?

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