On 2020

Hello and welcome back to the blog!

How have you been? I hope you have had a good start to the new year (and decade)! We have been good too. I have been deeply disturbed at the national and international turn of events over the last couple of weeks. When you are comfortably at home and your life revolves around your child, such things may feel irrelevant. However, the harsh truth is, when you become a parent, you just start viewing everything from a different lens. You just want your country and this world to be a better, safer place for your child in their childhood, when they grow up and even beyond when they have children or grandchildren. So you care as much about the current state of democracy as much as you do about the bushfires thousands of miles away in Australia or the Amazon.

That is why, despite being homebound pretty much with the bub an eerie sense of dread is always lurking somewhere at the back of my mind. Anyhow, I try to get on with the daily grind of life and hope on a personal level, this year continues to be blessed. Here are a few of the things I am looking forward to this year:

I am in quite a good place with the bub when it comes to our symbiotic relationship. Life as a mother is so much better now that the bub can communicate his needs. He doesn't talk yet but at least he is able to convey when he's hungry or sleepy or scared or something has hurt him. That said, it doesn't mean, life is easy. Life with kids only gets difficult with each passing year (ask your parents!). We will be entering proper-type toddler phase this year and well, let's see how does that go. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

This is also the year the Soldier comes back to a peace posting and we look forward to moving with him again! I am happy the bub will get to live with his father (for the first time ever) and we can develop our own little family traditions. Also, time to bring out the sarees from the trunk (drumroll)!
I would definitely like to learn to drive a car this year. An interesting yet funny thing is I did learn to drive when I was 13, but left it as it is. We didn't have a car for several years later on and by the time we had bought another new one, I had developed this deep fear of driving or rather a deep fear of hitting someone :-/ We currently have a Mitsubishi Outlander and just the humongous size of that beast scares me from getting behind the wheels despite the fact that it is fully automatic. I have tried learning to drive on a couple of occasions prior but I have this mental block that just refuses to go away. But now that I have a child I need to be independent and knowing how to drive a four-wheeler is a must in today's world. So I guess I need to buck up and get over my fear for the sake of my child.

After some insight I have realized that I haven't really taken any risks in the last few years. You know when you are married and live in a fauji environment and then at home with a baby, your life is pretty much cocooned. I cannot recollect the last time I did something that challenged me or made me feel alive (motherhood did, but that's another story altogether). Life has become pretty domesticated if I may put it that way and though I relish it and thankful for all the blessings in my life, I also need to learn to take some risks and may be do something that helps me grow as an individual. I am hoping I could pursue at least three things that I have never done before or that scares me or I find challenging and can really get over my fear of unknown.

Travelling is a steady part of our lives as we have family scattered all over the country and the military anyway ensures that you have no dearth of travel in your life. Last year I travelled to Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Panchgani/Mahabaleshwar, Goa and a whole lot of Kashmir. We even got to go on a cruise! This year too, I hope to visit at least one new place that I've never been to before. 

2019 was the year I got back to reading in my own tiny way and thoroughly enjoyed it. I want to continue to discover nice, funny, warm books and especially looking forward to reading some memoirs. So if you have any recommendations, shoot!

I would really like to write more this year but I want this blog to be more interactive, more community-like and less of a one way monologue. Please let me know what can I do to engage your readership here - what topics would you like to read more or people you'd want me to interview or any constructive feedback you may have with respect to content or design. 

I hope 2020 and the ensuing decade continues to be positive in all of our lives and may we find the strength and courage to battle out any challenges we may face. I would like to thank you and welcome you all again in this tiny speck of my space on the internet and hope we stay in touch!


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