What Are You Reading Currently

Hello, everyone!

How have you been? A couple of weeks ago on Instagram, I asked you all for suggestions because I was in a mood to read a really nice romantic book. I do not really enjoy the writings of popular modern Indian authors so was looking for either a classic book or a heart-warming old-school love story. I got a lot of wonderful recommendations (mostly The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks which I had already read many years ago). So, finally after much search, I decided to buy Paris for One And Other Stories by Jojo Moyes, the queen of modern day romance novels!

We all know Jojo Moyes for her bestselling book Me Before You (also a movie starring GoT Khaleesi Emilia Clark and dreamboat Sam Calfin). I chose Paris for One simply because it was a collection of 11 short stories, so I could basically experience different types of romance stories in just one book which is a win-win situation for a moody reader and a busy mom like me. This is my first Jojo Moyes book and so far I am loving her writing! Her stories are warm, funny, sometimes dreamy (especially Paris for One which is similar to the Bollywood movie Queen but just the kind of Parisian fantasy romance I love) but overall like a cosy fleece blanket in this crisp winter weather. I am already halfway through and tempted to buy more of her work.

I am also intermittently reading the first proper parenting book that I bought last month and would review it as soon as I am done. It is more like a reference book so I am taking my time with it.

That's it from me. 

What have you been reading lately? 

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