What's In My Travel Bag

A few days ago when I asked on Instagram what should I blog about next, some of you had suggested that I should do some posts on my travels – what I pack, travelling with a baby and related hacks. So today, I will be doing the first post on this theme, where I will tell you everything that I carry in my purse while I’m travelling.

The purse: This is a Caprese sling bag originally belonging to my sister and I got it from her when I was visiting her a few months ago. This is a neutral tan brown coloured bag (hence goes with everything), perfectly sized – not too big nor too small, I can stuff everything I need hands-on while I travel including baby food, bottle, clothes and other items I need.The quality is good, the built is strong and it is so user-friendly with multiple compartments and pockets. Even though it has started to tear off the edges (I have traveled extensively with it now), I am still using it unless I find something equally good or better.

Things I carry:

Firstly, obviously, is my wallet (and phone + charger). Given I carry too much stuff (esp since baby), I prefer a wallet which is lighter and smaller and possibly locally made, so instead of a traditional PU/leather wallet we find in malls, I carry a small Kashmiri embroidered suede purse to keep money and cards and a similar one in bigger size to keep additional documents - I haven’t changed my surname after marriage, so my son and I happen to have different surnames now, so I always carry his birth certificate with me (because India!).

Baby items: I have grouped all the baby items (of immediate requirement) in tiny cloth pouches (the free ones that you get with wooden toys/cloth diapers etc.) and keep them inside my purse. I carry a small wet bag from Superbottoms (to store his dirty diaper/clothes if required). So when I leave on travel, what I generally do is keep a clean diaper, a small towel and a couple of baby wipes) inside the wet bag itself so that all the things required in case of a diaper change is found in one place.
I also always carry a set of pant, shirt and a pair of socks in my purse (folded in the KonMarie method) because with a baby, you just never know when you would need to change their clothes because of spilling or puke esp in an aircraft when you only have the purse with you and your carry on bag is in the overhead cabin (and impossible to reach with a tiny baby or active toddler in hand). Ever since the bub has started eating normal food, I’ve also carried a bib and a cotton cap for sunny/cooler times esp in flights.

I also carry two of these very soft tiny Babyhug hankys (one in outer packet for immediate use and one inside the bag). Of course, I carry bub’s Munchkin Miracle cup for water and some snacks in a small steel box (like a fruit or home-made mathri) because kids can get hungry ANY time, even just five minutes after a full meal (lesson learnt the hard way).

I also make a small pouch of his play things – like a tiny board book, couple of teethers or rattlers, just small random things to distract him or engage him as required. Even though I’ve not habituated the bub to a pacifier, I have always carried one with me while flying so that he can suck on it while taking off/landing if he doesn’t want to breastfeed, it helps with regulating ear pressure.

If you're travelling with a baby, carrying a baby-friendly insect/mosquito repellant fabric roll-on is essential (even at the airports these days!). I also pack this Biotique baby sunscreen which I use for myself as well.

Items for self: I always carry a tiny pouch of self-care items in my purse - things which I may need to look put together esp during the long transit hours at the airport. I carry this Sugar Cosmetics Kajal which I really like, a multi-purpose Berkowits Anytime Hydration multi-purpose cream which smells amazing ( and which I may have bought just for its beautiful packaging..lol but handy esp for dry patches on face/hands) and this Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream in shade 55 – it’s a really affordable, wonderful mauvish nude colour which makes my lips look natural, but better (I am NC 42). I also use the same lipstick on my cheeks like blush to bring some natural colour. However, it is not long-lasting and I would really like to buy a better lip cream in exact same shade, but I am vary of shopping online for lipsticks and really havent been able to visit a store in person (it looks like a far off dream with the baby). Anyway, if y’all know in what brand I can find this shade in, please let me know! 

I also used to carry the Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water Face Mist in my purse always and any time I’d feel parched or tired, I ‘d just spray some on my face for that instant boost of freshness. However, I lost it recently and looking to try another mist – probably the Forest Essentials or the Plum one (suggestions welcome!). I also carry this teeny tiny sample bottle of ForestEssentials Body Mist in Nargis which smells divine for times I want to smell good on the go.

I also carry a couple of spare hair-ties, few safety pins and my pocket diary and pen. I always ensure that when it comes to my purse I do not carry any sharp/restricted object like a scissor or nail cutter etc because emptying your bag at the security with a baby is painful.

So this is all I pack in that tiny bag world of mine.

What do you like to carry in your travel purse?

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