If You Could Give Only One Advice On Motherhood, What Would It Be?

When we become a mother, we are bombarded with advice, suggestions, recommendations and solutions to problems we didn’t even know existed by moms, non-moms and non-females alike! Though a lot of that advice might be useful, most of it is just people projecting their own experiences on you which might not always be relevant to you. I personally believe, the least amount of advice we can give a mom, the better it is. I asked seven moms if there was only one advice about motherhood they could give, what would it be and here are their replies:

“Don’t be too harsh on yourself and the kids as well. I mean, don’t be a finicky mom – you are not the first mother and your baby is not the first baby in the world. If you’re too protective about your baby, he/she will not bloom into a beautiful flower as they are meant to be – Navneeta

Do your job of parenting with compassionate non-attachment, knowing that your children are born with their own destiny which you might not have much influence over. Also, accept that you will make mistakes. – Debasmita

Never feel guilty about inevitable things or situations you put your kid through. If your friend is a stay at home mom and devotes her entire time to the child, super! At the same time, if you have to put your child through day-care or a creche because you have a job, that’s super too! You are doing your best in the given situation and don’t allow anything to say no to that fact. All these will form the child’s identity. So as long as they are safe and aren’t exposed to a harmful environment, be assured – whether you spend 48 hours a day with them or just 6, what matters is the quality of time spent. And how we ensure they see what we do in the remaining time. – Divya

Our responsibility is to take care of our children but not to expect anything in return. They are to make their decisions and life choices once they are of age. – Priya

Stick to your ground – I didn’t introduce my daughter some processed foods (like chocolates, soft drinks, biscuits and most of outside food) until she turned three. Many taunted me for my choice but I stood firm. Even now I prefer giving her home food and have replaced fast food with healthier home-made choices. When it comes to your child, you know best! - Manasa

In my experience, I would say, self-discipline is the key. Children often copy parents. A disciplined mom and dad, a well balanced family environment definitely influences the child’s psychology. - Divyanka

Be real and be you! Always, every time. Don’t fake patience, don’t fake values because you cannot change overnight and you shouldn’t. When you are yourself, you are happy and that translates into your child being happy.- Radhika

Thank you, ladies!

Moms reading this, if you could give only one advice on motherhood, what would it be?

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