My Weird Skincare Habit

This is me, with my bare face – no makeup, no filter. A little bit of natural light. And a little bit of natural glow, if I may say so. I haven’t always been here and to be honest, having a baby just threw me off the rails. It is only lately that I have got my skincare routine in order (I will write about it soon!). However, I have a very peculiar habit that I can’t seem to let go of – I don’t like to wash my face.

Yes, you heard it right. I do not like to wash my face. It has been many years since I last bought a face wash. So how do I get by, you ask? Well, in the morning while in shower, I just scrub my face with a DIY face powder and at night I oil cleanse, which is basically massaging my face with oil and pressing a hot towel against it to soak up all the impurities. That's it. I don’t wash my face anytime in between and if I’m feeling particularly grubby I just spray some rose water.

Ever since I have entered my 30s and especially after delivery, I have had a super dry skin and this system seems to work fine for me. Also, because I am so lazy.

I have a healthy skin (which could get better if I stop watching Downton Abbey and get some more sleep at night, well!) and I don’t use any fancy products as yet. I get by fine. What about you?

Do you have any weird skincare habit?

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