Beauty Talk With Minerva

Hello, all! I am so excited that one of your (and definitely mine) favourite series on this blog - Beauty Talk - is back and I am even more glad that today, I get to interview the very lovely, a dear friend and fellow military wife Minerva, the charming soul behind the popular Insta page @thatsillywander. Read on to know her skincare secrets, beauty must-haves, all the deets on her popular lip colours and the cute secret behind her rosy cheeks.

What is your morning skincare routine like?
I wake up and after gulping down a bottle of water, wash my face with regular tap water and ensure a good amount of it enters my eyes. Then, I pat dry my face and am ready for the morning. 

What is your go-to daytime look?
I am mostly without any makeup at home - just moisturise my face and body really well post bath and make a pony tail and that’s how you will find me at home. I was using Neutrogena moisturiser on my face for years but recently switched to Cetaphil and I am loving the extra hydration that it provides to my skin. On a casual day out, I prefer applying Lakmé CC cream on top of Neutrogena sunscreen, Lakmé Iconic Kajal if I am feeling lazy or Lakmé Absolute Shine Line eyeliner if I have time, my trusted nude lipstick from Lakmé 9-5 in Pink Tint and my current favourite Acqua di Gioia perfume by Giorgio Armani.  Also, I finish off the look by gently pinching my cheeks which very well brings out the natural blush. 

What is your night-time skincare routine like?
Never have I ever slept with my makeup on! I remove my makeup using the Garnier Micellar water and wash my face with a Plum face cleanser. All through my pregnancy and for a couple of months after Umaid was born, I was using coconut oil locally sourced from Kerala on my face. But from the past one year, I have been using the Indulgeo Essentials Rose Goldoil on my face and follow it up with their Rejuvenating Eye Serum under my eyes and I am extremely happy with the results. Also, I recently replaced my Biotique toner with Indulgeo’s Rose Geranium Witch Hazel facial mist and I am absolutely loving how refreshing it feels. Nothing better than waking up to a happy, plump skin! I love experimenting with skincare and with all the wonderful indie skincare brands coming up, it’s hard  to not get tempted. I am already eyeing a couple of products that I might purchase soon. 

You have beautiful tresses! How do you take care of them?
I try to oil my hair once or twice a week and wash them with the Khadi Naturals shampoo. I rarely use heat on my hair unless they are really misbehaving which doesn’t happen often.

What are your favourite party looks?
Even though on most of the days, I catch myself watching makeup tutorials, I am frankly not patient enough to spend much time doing things to my face. My party look and my everyday look is mostly the same which mainly revolves around my comfort zone since I don’t prefer experimenting much with my makeup look. However, I really enjoy using bright colours like reds and hot pinks on my lips. My all time favourite red is the Mac Ruby Woo which is probably the most flattering shade of red and my current favourite party pink is Fuchsia Flare by Maybelline. I also fill in my brows using the Sugar eyebrow pencil in Taupe Tom and use loads of Wet and Wild highlighter for that extra glow.

How has your idea of beauty changed from when you were 16?
Oh, this question just spoke to me on a different level. Well, when I was 16, beauty was mostly about a pretty face. Over the period, I realised that beauty is more about your thoughts and deeds. This realisation came from different experiences for which I am grateful. 

But keeping that perspective aside, well frankly, when I was 16, I wasn’t really doing proper makeup or skincare just yet but I was so ready to dive into the world of it. Back then I would apply just anything without reading the labels and treat my skin as the dumping ground but now I try and read about things and learn. I am making more informed decisions now and treating my body with much more respect by choosing what I put on and in it. 

Do you have any beauty indulgences?
Oh, it has been ages since I last ‘indulged’ in anything. Even the shower doesn’t last for more than five minutes these days before my son starts banging the door. But a good spa day is what I would call my beauty indulgence! 

What is that one product you can’t live without?
A kajal/eyeliner. Currently using the Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal but Nykaa Kajal is one of the best I have used till date. 

What products do you always carry in your handbag?
A Nykaa lipstick in the shade GulL'occitane hand cream and a sanitizer. 

According to you, what beauty trick does everyone must know?

Vaseline works wonderfully well as a clear mascara just to give the right lift to your lashes and a mascara wand can be used to tame the flyaways into place. 

Do you have a family beauty secret?
Not a secret really, but I never sleep without cleansing my face, moisturising my hands and combing my hair. I’ve been doing it ever since I was 15. It’s a habit! 

Who is your beauty idol?
Oh, my one year old! Never seen anyone with a skin more flawless and a smile more pure. Babies are the epitome of real beauty!

Thank you, Minerva!

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