A Very Funny Weekend Incident

Hi all! Hope you had a good weekend. I had one too, except for this accidental hilarious incident that happened:

So, I have  this Whatsapp group of a special set of friends from college days who have stuck together for more than a decade now. All of us have interesting work profiles, are married with kids and settled in different parts of the globe. This is my go-to group for all the advice, support and help I need on anything related to my existence or my family's. Needless to say,  we also know how to have fun with each other.

So a couple of months ago, out of utter boredom and exhaustion our lives had become, I decided to share one shirtless photo of a male celebrity every night before bedtime (Indian Standard Time). Surprisingly (and not so surprisingly), it was enthusiastically received by all with free flow of thirst comments from all the ladies in the group . Haha! It continued for a while and everybody loved it so much so that if I ever got late in sharing a pic, they would message me that they were waiting and asking to share 'pic of the day'. ;)

But eventually, life and travel took over and I stopped sharing the pics. Until last Friday at midnight (technically Saturday) when I suddenly remembered our little ritual out of the blue, scoured this picture of Shawn Mendes and shared on the group with the caption, 

"Wassup ma ladies?!! Miss me much? :-P ).

Little did I realize that midnight in India meant morning in the US, where this Friday, my friend V was in the middle of giving a presentation where she was pitching her company’s latest mobile app to the clients and she was doing this using her own phone which she had connected to the screen.

Guess who’s whatsapp message popped up on the big screen for all to see?

Yes, yours truly.

So V happened to click on the notification by mistake and our very sexy shirtless (and pantless dare I say) Shawn Mendes shone brightly on the big presentation screen!

Everyone started to laugh out loud and the ladies in the meeting said, “Sold, we are buying this app!”.

Needless to say, I have sent across my bank details to V to deposit my commission cheque ;)

Also, she is the butt of all jokes in her office these days.

Sorry V! But I’m sure her employer (and the client) is loving it! ;)

Has anything funny happened to you lately?


(Picture credit: Calvin Klein. For the full length NSFW picture click here.)

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