My Three Best Travel Shoes

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Since the last couple of years, I have been looking to pare my travel baggage as much as possible to the bare minimum. I’ve been on the lookout for clothes that require least maintenance and space as well as multipurpose beauty options. One item that I’ve always struggled with is shoes.

See, before marriage, I could go backpacking to a whole country in just one pair of sneakers. But age and being married to an Army officer means I have to cater to the ‘lady’ occasions and having a baby results in an altogether different ballgame wherein I have to not only find something decent looking but which also check  the boxes of comfort (gotta run behind the toddler ALL the time), ease of wear (no time for complicated buckles and laces!) and low maintenance (you never know when the baby will puke/pee/poop on it) and requiring less space (because now baby items occupy more space in your bag).

I think I have finally figured out a solution to this complex mom problem and the following are the three shoes I am travelling with currently and super-duper happy with. I think this I what I am going to stick to for a while:

Reebok Sneakers: My husband bought these as the exercise/walking shoes for me when I got pregnant two years ago. They are extremely comfortable, comparatively lightweight and of course, quality shoes, so last long. The mesh outer layer makes it breathable and hence, comfortable even in the summer months. I always wear these when I undertake travel that requires long-distance walking with a baby (esp. airports) and now that I am in a hilly area, I wear them when we go for walks/hikes. (Linked similar one).

Vans Palisades SF Sneakers: Ah, Vans! My forever favourite!  I have loved Vans shoes since even before they had launched in India a few years ago. I had bought my first classic Vans about 4 years ago when I was recovering from a fractured foot and needed something sturdy yet stylish for everyday wear. I knew I had made the right choice when I overcame the tiny limp I had in my walk which the doctor said I would never recover from. I have been a Vans loyal every since. But here’ the thing - Vans are pricey. So
, always, always be on the lookout for sale. These particular model are the perfect mom shoes – slip on, washable, good rubber sole and so so sturdy and still so chic!. I literally wear them like all the time – on jeans, on trousers, dresses and kurti-leggings – everything. These are my wardrobe staple and a must buy. If you are not too much into black, they also come in some cute pastels.

Bata Ballerina: I bought these shoes while transiting from Delhi and boy, I’m glad! These are ballet flat with a suede outer body and tiny studded stones in same black colour meaning a perfect balance of bling but not too obvious, making it the ideal understated party wear for a busy mom. Easy to maintain and how we all know black goes with everything! In fact, all 3 of my above shoes are black!

Just these three shoes get me through a lot of walking, running behind a toddler (all the time!), hiking, parties, sightseeing, date evenings and everything in between! In all, these shoes have been one of my best travel finds so far and unless I am going on an occasion-specific trip (like weddings) I am pretty much going to stick to them.

What are your favourite travel shoes?

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