Looking at 2019

Two days before 2019, my grandmother (Nani) left for heavenly abode. She was staying here at my parents's place for a while and even though the previous night was like any other routine one where we talked, had dinner and played with the little one, except, the next morning, she didn't wake up.

So 2019, for me, began with an unexpected harsh jolt of reality. She was the last living member of her generation in my family, and other than the fact that I had seen death for the first time up so close, the suddenness of it shook me to the core - How could she go just like that?  She wasn't unwell. She didn't even give a clue. We didn't even get to say goodbye!

Even though life looks pretty much normal again, the truth is, I haven't been able to process her death completely yet. I feel like she has just gone away on a holiday and will be back again.

Except, she won't.

So, yeah, 2019 for me has begun with a mixed feeling of conflict and contentment - the drive to pursue passions I've always left on backburner while 'life' took over while also wondering how much of it all does it even matter in the end.

For now, I do know that motherhood continues to keep my hands, legs and brain full and I would really like to share a lot of it here. Raising a child has also resulted in me reconsidering my lifestyle and this year I would make an effort to incorporate the concepts of minimalism, eco-friendly and low waste living into our lives. My exploration of helpful sustainable products will continue and may be I could review them for you if you'd like so.

I have also strived to make this blog a happy, positive and safe space for women to talk, share and learn freely. Building upon the same, I look forward to bringing the stories and experiences of a lot more women from different walks of life under the various sub-categories of motherhood, beauty, career, health and design.

Very importantly, in 2019, I intend to get back to reading. Yes, I can pretty much say that I never managed to finish a single book (fiction/non-fiction) in 2018. If you have any good book recommendation,please let me know. For now, this wonderful travelogue is keeping me hooked.
On travel front, the Bub & I look forward to joining the Soldier in Kashmir over summer and day dreaming about the same is going to keep me busy for the next couple of months.

In a nutshell, all I intend on doing thisyear is - Connect more.

So yes, these are pretty much my (tiny) hopes from 2019. What are yours?


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