Little Notes on Motherhood

Two months ago, I became a mother.

Two months later, I still can't believe it.

I was never a baby person. I liked kids (not LOVED them) but for me wanting to have a child was more of a practical 'phase of life' step than 'OMG I looooove kids and I want one for myself'. Though my husband and I had discussed adoption after marriage , I still wanted to give conceiving a try just because "if God has made me a woman, let me try it once". Yeah, pretty much that logic.

So we gave it a try and a year later, I ended up with a beautiful baby boy in my arms. And yes, I still can't believe this child came out of my womb. It is as if someone has handed me over a live doll to take care of, for a while.

That is how I became a mother. And boy, nothing can prepare you for that! 

If you're a mother and you know how being with a newborn is like, instead of a traditional blog post, I'd just like to share my thoughts Board exam pointer types:

- All the cruel words I ever said to my mother (e.g. Kisne bola tha paida karne ko) have come back to haunt me.

- Also, every time my mother had said to me, "Khud ke bachche honge toh pata chalega" ring in my ears all the time - Yes mummy, pata chal raha hai..bahut hi ache se!

- That perfect baby who feeds every two hours for half an hour and sleeps 18 hrs a day as informed by the pediatrician does not exist in real life. 

- The only thing I had asked God out of this pregnancy was for my child to look like me. Of course, he was born an exact copy of his father.

- In a way that is good, because it makes me miss my husband less. It makes me feel sad for all the good things he's going to miss the next two years he serves in field. 

- A big shoutout to all the mothers (military or otherwise) bringing up their babies single handedly.

- A bigger shoutout to all the fathers (military, majorly) sacrificing so much for their ungrateful country. 

- The feeling that a little human needs you and only you to make him/her feel alright is unimaginable.

- Not all advice is useful. Not all experiences are relevant. 

- Never judge a mother. 

- Never compare a child

- I'm stronger than I thought I was.

- I cry more than I thought I could. I even started crying in the middle of my surgery as soon as I heard my baby come out (I had a C sec). Sometimes I cry just looking at my baby and wondering how could something so beautiful come out of me. 

-Lastly, I am lyrically challenged so the song you find me singing most to my son is this easiest song in the world. (it's still playing in my head as I type this)

Overall, a smile from my baby is worth it all. Especially the one he gives after pooping on me.