Weekend Links

Hello all!

How have you been? I have been good, busy and lost. And resting. I have been 'preserving my energy' like a polar bear does before hibernation.

I got done with my younger sister's wedding a couple of weeks ago (and girl, I had clearly underestimated the work that goes into arranging a wedding!), helped in packing up the house we have lived for almost 10 years and guess what - enrolled in a PhD programme!! Yay for me! Though taking admission is just the beginning, I know. However, it is a dream that I put on hold around 9 years ago and I am very glad I am back on to it. Also, it has been 2 months since I've been away from (pati wala) home and can't wait to get back!!

Anyhow, bringing you back links I'd love you to check out this weekend. Let me know if you enjoyed reading them:

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The next time you eat at McDonald's, remember this.

Someone please gift me this book!


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