Weekend Links

Hello everyone! How have you been this week? My week had been hectic, in fact, this whole month has been hectic with lots of farewells events around here. It is so hard to say goodbye even when you are an adult. In fact, I feel it is harder to say goodbye as an adult. What do you think? I will be travelling again the next week and I already feel exhausted at the thought of it, especially the packing part.

I LOVE travelling. I HATE packing. Are you like me?

Meanwhile, leaving below some interesting and helpful links that I found this week:

A simple solution to all my packing woes.

Kerala becomes the first Indian state to host beauty pagent for transgenders. Bravo!

The art of block printing. Indigo is finally in again! 300 years later.

The best step-father you'll ever meet. Totally awwww-worthy!

If apps were people. My favourite was Instagram! 

An interesting dinner conversation to have with your kids. The best one, may be.

Don't tax my periods.

Dear mothers, have you met Father of Daughters? He's hilarious!

How to gain control of your free time.

Can't wait to watch this show

How cute is this earphone case!!

Have a great weekend!! xoxo

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