Being Married : Second Opinion

Hello, hello everyone !!! We are so sorry we are late in posting this much-loved, much awaited blogpost from our wedding anniversary series. So we have completed two years of our marriage and it has been amazing, humbling, confusing and very much entertaining. I hope you enjoy reading about our view on marriage after two years, as compared to after first year :

Being Married : First year vs Completing Two years

Mr: First year of marriage is like the beginning of spring when you see the flower buds around and tend to them with utmost care. Second year is like when the buds bloom, wherein, you actually get the first glimpse of the beautiful colour of the flower/petal.

Mrs: In simpler words, the first year is spent being so cautious, so careful with each other, so loving, giving into all demands and tantrums and wishes and indulgences – even simple things like asking him “What do you want to eat for dinner?” or “I’m planning to make so and so, would you like that?”. Second year is more like, “I made spinach for dinner, here’s your plate!” :-P
But other than understanding each other better than before, there isn’t really any major change. I think, fundamentally, if you love each other and have a great friendship, no obstacle is really big, no achievement too small.  End of the day, it’s that invisible halo of contentment around us.
Also, unlike first year when we used to share funny/corny messages, we now share health tips on Whatsapp :-/

Managing household

Mr: Chores still remain the same as first year. Wake up your wife with a cup of tea. Prepare breakfast while she’s lazing around. Come home from office at around 11.30 am to cut the veggies for lunch, prepare lunch in the afternoon. Dinner is almost soups and salads prepared by my loving wife. So evening is taken care of. Plus, as a bonus gift from my wife this year, we finally have got a house help for doing the dishes!! Ya ya!!

Mrs: Lies! Ok, except the bed tea part. But everything else is a lie. I mean he speaks this with so much conviction, that even our friends actually believe that this is what happens in our house! I am the one who does the daily cooking in the house including breakfast, lunch and dinner, unless he wants to cook something special, which is like once or twice in a month only (given his super busy schedule). Also he’s never home on time for meals, forget cooking! Ha! And I got a maid for dishes last year because I started working again!

Who’s more organized?

Mr: Hahahahahaha..No comments ;)

Mrs: No comments

Who is a better cook?

Mr:  Hoo hahahahhaha (Evil laugh)

Mrs: He does cook well, but that doesn’t necessarily make him a ‘better’ cook. Indeed, he knows more about food than me, but I like to think we work best as a team, and he always usually likes what I cook.

Mr: Yeah… You don’t even know what’s the difference between using kokam & aamchoor!!! C’mon, don’t envy my culinary skills!!!

Surprising things you’ve learnt about marriage

Mr: As per Hindu traditions, before the wedding the Panditji compares the Kundalis of the bride and the groom for 36 qualities. This is what all guys are aware of. But what they aren’t aware of is that out of 36 those qualities, 35 belong to your wife and only one quality is what will sail you through – the ability to shut up!

Mrs: Kuch bhi!!!

Mr: I swear! (with a serious face)

Mrs: (rolling eyes) I think I’ve learnt – not to be scared of marriage. I mean, ever since I’ve been married, I’ve wondered, why the hell was I scared of marriage when I was unmarried? I mean, marriage is fun, marriage is beautiful, of course it means you have to be (comparatively) more responsible, but in no way is it the devil it is made out to be. I think that also comes from being married to the right person. May be. But overall, it is a wonderful relationship. And marriage is not just a legal document, but it is a feeling inside. You aren’t truly married to each other unless you feel that sense of partnership within yourselves.

Mr: I think my philosophical sense has finally rubbed onto you!! (Waiting for the transfer of logical sense.. Alas!! It’s the dream of every husband :P)

New things you’ve learnt about each other

Mr: Just like all the ladies, even my wife is a pretty simple person. In fact, she’s an open book. A book in which a new chapter is published each day. So I try to keep up with the pace of my reading.

Mrs: Other than how sexy he looks working out at the gym? Unfortunately, he has been plagued with a leg injury ever since we got married, so he was unable to undertake any kind of gymming/sports. But now that he is better, he is back to the irons and it is so inspiring to see him working and learn from him!


Mr: I am lucky that she is not quirky at all. Except for some reason that she totally disdains Google maps.

Mrs: GPS, Yes, for some reason, I just can’t read GPS correctly, ever! It stresses me out.  Btw, do you know he sleeps wearing with his ancient Casio G-Shock wrist watch? Like I haven’t seen him without it even once in these two years?

Annoying Habits

Mr: She does not take care of her health.

Mrs: The amount of time he spends at work!
But as my friends living away from their husband have made me realize, I am so grateful at least I get to live with him now - a luxury in the Army.

What Do You Fight About

Mr: We seldom fight. And like most of the guys, I do not keep a record of when and why we fought. Life is too short to be wasting your precious time keeping a track of bad or unhealthy memories.

Mrs: You would be surprised to know that we rarely ever fight at home. In fact, I do not remember the last 
time we fought or argued over something. May be also because we are very transparent with each other. It is always having chats or discussions about any issues we may have. But we do banter when we are at other people’s place which makes them wonder if we fight all the time! Hahaha!

Special Things About Your partner

Mr: She’s a whole package of special things! Every day is a beautiful experience if the first thing in the morning is to be woken up to this beauty next to you! It’s special.

Mrs: He’s the nicest human being you could ever find. He is always so kind and considerate and always so cheerful – so necessary for a serious over-thinker like me! Also, he never says no for anything, always encouraging me to be the best version of myself, always supporting me if I want to try something new and always pushing me to pursue my dreams.  Also, he makes the best morning tea :D

Tiny Traditions

Mr: The morning tea is something that is as much as a sacred tradition for us. Irrespective of who prepares the tea (usually me), we sit down at the dining table and discuss various random things as well as plan for the day. This is the only peaceful time we get together throughout the day.
We also love watching trailers of upcoming movies on YouTube together – mainly my choice of superhero movies! We actually, rarely watch them without each other and wait till both of us are free to do that.

Mrs: I always go to drop him off at the airport/railway station when he’s travelling. People around here find it funny/weird, but that is just a thing for us. Also, every day, I’m at the door to see him off for work and I always open the door for him when he’s home – it’s never the buddy (when he’s around), the maid or anyone else. Those two times a day, he’s my topmost priority - work can wait.

Married Life After Two Years

Mr: Feels like we have known each other for a lifetime!!! Not in a negative way, though pun could be intended, you never know :P

Mrs: It is easy, it is fun, it is lots of good food and laughter. It is always being there for each other – We are united in our success and also in our fuck ups. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Let us know how your view of marriage changed after two years in the comment section below!! xoxo 

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