Beauty Talk with Ikya Kesiraju

Hello ladies! I'm glad to feature the very talented, very sweet and charming beauty vlogger Ikya Kesiraju in today's Beauty Talk series. Read on to know the trick to amazing eyebrows, the simplest way to kill a zit and beauty secrets of her equally stylish mother:

Morning Routine
I wash my face with normal tap water after brushing my teeth and try to follow it up with sunscreen on good days. Even if I'm just at home :)

Daytime look
So my regular day time look mainly consists of filled in eyebrows and some perfume ( Elizabeth Arden Green Tea / Marks & Spencer Azzure Breeze more often than not) no matter if I'm staying in or going out (after my skincare routine). If I'm going out, I'll add a nude lipstick or some gloss for the day time and some blush if I feel I look too washed out/ dull / pale. Blush is my pick me up! 

Shoot days are another story though since mine is a Beauty + Lifestyle channel. I may or may not put on some more / anymore makeup depending on the video, and my mood, of course!

Nighttime routine

Consists of washing off the day with my trusted Neutrogena cleanser and following it up with my Kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate for the hotter months. For the drier months, I use something more moisturising on top as well!

Hair care

Is something I get very lazy about but I try to oil my hair as often as I can. Even if it is for half an hour before I wash it off. I also try not to use much heat on my hair. Ooh and I'm totally digging the spring plastic bands to tie my hair lately (the telephone wire ones). They're light and come off easily!

Party favourites

I feel that makeup is an art and is an extension of my mood / feelings of any particular day. So that keeps changing. 

That being said, I love filled in brows and eyeliner (L'Oréal , Waterproof or the Maybelline gel liner) and mascara. I may/may not wear Kajal depending on my liking that day.

I love me some glow so you won't really meet me without any highlighter unless you surprise visit my home! I love the Benefit girl meets pearl highlighter and top it off with any powder highlighter I'm loving - MAC Soft and Gentle / Becca champagne pop.
Some lipstick and a pop of blush finish the look. 

To think about it I love my MAC Retro matte lipsticks as they stay put longer than the regular ones and MAC's Fleur Power blush is an all time favourite!
I am big on perfumes and I love my fresh citrusy ones during the hotter weather and warm vanilla sweet ones during the colder months! D&G Light Blue, Marc Jacobs Daisy and Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy are all time favourites.

How has your idea of beauty changed from when you were 16?

It has changed, a lot! And I hope that it continues to change in future too. As a teenager, I thought beauty was unattainable. At least to me. I had a picture set in my mind that described beauty and nothing that wasn't exactly it was beautiful.

My long legs that people praised (well meaning aunties included) weren't beautiful. My thick straight hair that couldn't be styled and I wore short wasn't beautiful and my small eyes that took after my extremely handsome father weren't beautiful! I don't think I thought my classmates / friends were beautiful either and just looking at those pictures now bring a wide grin to me and make me happy! I see a beautiful teenager with her beautiful friends too stubborn to acknowledge their own beauty!

Thankfully it has changed for good today and I make sure I see beauty in everything and everyone I look at.

Beauty indulgences

Amazing perfume is the short of it! And a call from my brother who is the funniest person in my world - leaves me happy and pumped to take on the world = feeling beautiful!

One product you can’t live without 

Sunscreen, I guess. 

What’s in your handbag?

Lipstick / gloss, a small tub of moisturizer (which I've never really used) and sanitizer.

A beauty trick everyone must know

Apply a drop of sanitizer when you're about to get a zit and it'll kill the bacteria and dry out the spot. Use a gel eyeliner as an eyebrow filler + Kajal other than it's intended use.

A family beauty secret

I got my love for perfumes from my mom who taught me to apply perfume on well moisturised skin as it lasts longer that way than on dry skin. Dab some Vaseline/ complementary moisturiser on your pulse points before applying perfume there. Also, its good to apply perfumes lower on your body as the fragrance rises from the heat of your body. So the inner part of your elbows and the back of your knees are good spots you must not miss!

Your beauty idols

My beauty idol has to be my mother as I grew up in awe of the way she applies her moisturiser before bed and the way she doesn't step out without perfume. Also, I learnt that a nice a pleasant person is always a beautiful person from her! She teaches by example!

For more of her beauty updates, you can find Ikya on Instagram, YouTube and her fabulous blog.

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