5 Ways To Make Peace With Social Media

A couple of weeks ago, I watched the episode ‘Nosedive’ from the futuristic TV series Black Mirror. And my (social) life has never been the same. For the oblivious, Black Mirror depicts the dark side of technology set in a (not-so-far) fictional future. And Nosedive dealt with a world where people’s status were defined by their social media rankings.

Ever since I watched that episode, I have been unable to post a single thing on Instagram or my blog. If you have been following me on Instagram (link), you must have been witness to my rant against the frenzy of social media especially the changed algorithm which necessitates constant posting of pictures in our feed and stories. It is also tiring to see all the pictures someone bombards us with of their boring, mundane life, twenty times a day, every single day.

The worst part has been, missing out on the updates from my close friends, who are too busy with their ‘real’ lives and ‘real jobs’ and ‘real homes’ to constantly update their social media – resulting, they rank far below in the algorithms – thus, I don’t even get to see their update when they do upload that single interesting photo after a gap of every few days.

To summarise, though social media rules our lives, it also sucks the creative energy out of me. Not to mention the time I should be spending doing something 'productive' and actually worthwhile. I don't know if there is a way out to deal with the web of our 'virtual' social lives, but after much thought and deliberation, I have identified a few ways we can make peace with social media:

  1. Post only when you WANT to: Yes, being ‘regular’ is important especially for those of us looking to make their social media presence more prominent because of their blogs/product marketing/PR, etc. How about regular means just one pic a day, every day, at the same time of the day? This way, your followers know when to expect your post and in fact, look forward to it? I have myself thought about this and this feels like a much better option than posting randomly multiple times a day. After dinner, at about 9.30 pm works well for me where I am just relaxing and not have any task left for the day.
  2.   Stories only when you have something worth sharing: Stories can be an interesting tool only when you have something interesting happening or have a thought to share. But I hate it when people are constantly updating their feeds with random pictures of their pets, their boring lives or every single d├ęcor item in their home or food in their kitchen. How about we actually try to make our life story more interesting than our Instagram story?

  3. De-cluttering your follow list: I do this all the time. Browse random feeds, like their pictures so follow them. But after a couple of weeks I realize, may be they don’t always post pictures relevant to their theme or their aesthetic doesn’t really suit my reality, so I unfollow them. e.g. I may follow a fashion blogger for her classic styling, but if I realize that she is only posting the types of luxury or trendy clothes I may never want to/get to wear, what is the point of following them? I much prefer, real girls with sartorial choices similar to my lifestyle.
  4. Fix a time slot to check your social media accounts everyday: If your’re like me, you would be checking your Instagram account like EVERY SINGLE FREE SECOND THAT YOU GET, AS SOON AS YOU GOT UP. However, I realize, there is nothing much that I’d miss if I limited my screen time and logged in only at fixed hours, like may be half an hour after lunch or dinner.
  5. Have a life BEYOND social media: I have noticed a thing about myself - I try to be more ‘interesting’ on social media when my otherwise ‘real’ life becomes more boring. But when I am super busy with lots of interesting things happening around me, I rarely spend time checking other people’s accounts or for that matter, even updating mine. So this is why I urge you to meet real friends, go out for a coffee, hike up a mountain for the thrill of it - not just for mangnficent pictures, pursue a hobby - make your life much more  interesting than any picture can ever depict.

So yes, if you still love me, follow me even if I may not update as much as I ‘should’. We are adult enough to have honest friendships. So let us be. Let me be. But, if you don’t love me, well, what are you doing on my blog, anyway??? :P 

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