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Hello girls!!

How have you been this week? I am coming to the end of a really long tour away from home - more than 2 months!! When I had left, I thought I was going away just for 10 days, But here I am! Still away. I got to spend a lot of time with both the families, but I miss home as well! I'm sad that I missed the beautiful spring back there and been spending these two months in terrible heat! Anyway, I will be travelling back the coming week (with quite a detour) and so, yes, I will not be posting any Weekend Links next Friday. I do hope you enjoy reading the links this week and click here to read all the past Weekend Links :) 

World's greatest female astronauts.

Let us talk about the racism against the Northwest Indians. Hilarious! And thought-provoking.

Chettinad egg curry. Droooooool

23 questions to ask your child about Mummy.

I am super excited about this web series!

DIY lamp from decanter.

40 summer cocktails

What a brilliant wall idea! I think I am definitely copying this for my next house :D

Rubik's cake? Yes, please!

One of my favourite handloom brands just launched their online portal! Go check it out!!

This top looks beautiful!

This book has caught hold of my imagination.

Have a great week ahead!


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