Weekend Links

Hello girls!!

How have you been this week? I am coming to the end of a really long tour away from home - more than 2 months!! When I had left, I thought I was going away just for 10 days, But here I am! Still away. I got to spend a lot of time with both the families, but I miss home as well! I'm sad that I missed the beautiful spring back there and been spending these two months in terrible heat! Anyway, I will be travelling back the coming week (with quite a detour) and so, yes, I will not be posting any Weekend Links next Friday. I do hope you enjoy reading the links this week and click here to read all the past Weekend Links :) 

World's greatest female astronauts.

Let us talk about the racism against the Northwest Indians. Hilarious! And thought-provoking.

Chettinad egg curry. Droooooool

23 questions to ask your child about Mummy.

I am super excited about this web series!

DIY lamp from decanter.

40 summer cocktails

What a brilliant wall idea! I think I am definitely copying this for my next house :D

Rubik's cake? Yes, please!

One of my favourite handloom brands just launched their online portal! Go check it out!!

This top looks beautiful!

This book has caught hold of my imagination.

Have a great week ahead!


Beauty Talk With Saanya Bajaj Rawat

If you love beauty, style and travel, Saanya Bajaj Rawat is the IT girl. I am an ardent follower of her wildly popular Instagram account where she posts daily pictures of her beauty finds, quirky styles, marriage musings and not to forget, her newly adopted pup Pixie! I absolutely adore her travel pictures (especially Paris!). She has also, recently started a blog That Ordinary Couple where she writes about worldwide adventures with her husband. Read on to know Saanya's (surprisingly) simple secrets behind her glowing, happy, beautiful life:

Morning Routine
I like to keep everything effortless. So, generally the first (or maybe not the first) thing I like to do is just wash my face with lukewarm water. 

Daytime look
I am not a person who uses too much makeup. It’s just BB cream mixed with Olay moisturizer, Chambor’s Kajal and a lip balm and I’m all set to go - whether it is for office or photo-shoot or even for a party. At home – it’s sans makeup (which is kind of sad for the boy). 

Nighttime routine
If I do get time (read if I’m not lazy), then I’ll remove the makeup and put L’oreal’s night cream, if not - then it’s getting up looking like I have the mother of dark circles in the morning. 

Hair care
Oiling about once in two weeks, using mild shampoo and conditioner. The only good thing I do to not harm my hair is avoiding blow-dry or straightening. Thankfully, I am blessed with curly hair. Of course - My Moroccan Hair Serum saves my hair from all the damage. 

Party favourites
I won’t step out of the house without using my ZARA’s Red Vanilla Perfume – Everlasting plus its sweet smell has kinda made it my current favourite. 

How has your idea of beauty changed from when you were 16?
It definitely has ! I use Chambor’s eye-liner now - but that’s it. I don’t like experimenting with my skin - it reacts too fast to most of the products. I had acne for about a month after my wedding - all because of excessive use of makeup. 

Beauty indulgences
Sensitive and oily skin ensures that I stay away from facials, so the only beauty thing I do once in a while is put on an anti-tan pack or a papaya pack. You will literally have to bribe me to make me go to the parlour. 

One product you can’t live without
Chambor’s eye pencil and Juicy Chemistry’s lip balm.

What’s in your handbag
Island kiss berry balm – that’s it. 

A beauty trick everyone must know
It’s not a trick just a fact - less is always more. 

A family beauty secret
None. Absolutely nothing. Though Google generally has my back for this. 

Your beauty idols
Is it okay if I say no one? Makeup really for me is about individualism. Everyone has a unique style and trademark. 

Thank you so much, Saanya! For daily peak into the life, style and travels of Saanya, you can follow her on Instagram or head over to her blog rightaway!