Weekend Links

Hellooo friends!!

How has been Friday treating you? I have been somewhat  studying for an exam that I have next week and I hope I pass. If only I could stop instagramming! Are you like me? Is even one of you like me? I hope someone's similar out there. In other news, the terrible summer is keeping me totally indoors. Not like I anyway had much to do at my parents' house. Just in case, you have time on your hands too, do go through the interesting links below, sourced for your reading pleasure, by yours truly (bows elegantly):

Stop your work right now and watch this ad . SO inspiring!

The kickass poem every girl needs to listen to. And boys.

Grandma goals!

The wisdom of Nokia's dumbphone. Count me in!

Baby spa, anyone? 

15 essential skills they don't teach you in college

This delightful morning routine.

The perfect pair of summer trousers. I got myself one in Mumbai last week :D

25 changes to bring in life after 25. They work! Take it from someone who's nearing 30 now!!

This movie looks so cool!

I have been meaning to get a makeup sponge. Any recommendations?

And before you start your weekend, I'm glad to announce that our fauji girl Swapnil Pandey's book - Soldier's Girl is out to great reviews. Grab it before it's out of stock and tell me how you liked it!!


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