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I hope you're having a good weekend. This week has been rocked by the controversy surrounding the sexual harassment claims against one of the TVF founders. Before you go on to visit other links below, I want you to read this article - Rape culture is the real viral fever. I want you to understand that just because  sexual harassment is not reported as often doesn't mean it doesn't happen as often. And the reasons it goes unreported so often will become clear upon reading this article and also because the 'victim-shaming' the media is slaugtering the girl with.Such cases are required to be handled with utmost sensitivity, irrespective of the outcome of the investigation. Hope the mediapersons learn this soon enough.

For you, I read some other beautiful findings from the world wide web:

You may want to marry my husband. So touching!

The hypocrisy of Mangalsutra. Similar to what I wondered about when I was newly married.

The truth about THE ONE.

What makes you special.

Under-calendar your life.

This white spring dress!

The perfect gift for your girl friend who dreams of travel. I remember receiving this by mine long ago.

Hope you're having a great weekend!


Image Source: Nicole Mason through UnSplash 

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