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Hello girls!!

What have you been up to this week? I went through a really distressing experience when I realized that my old blog post has been circulating around Facebook and Whatsapp under false names. Thankfully with the help of fellow Army wives I was able to locate the origin of the copied post and confronted the Facebook page admins and a copyright infringement complaint against the original offender filed. I put in a lot of my heart and soul into building this blog and it is really heartbreaking to see your work being stolen and distributed without due credit. If you are reading this and ever come across mine or any other blogger's work being stolen, please report it to the writer. Also taking this opportunity to thank all those who stood by me. :)   
Here are some interesting links from around the web, focusing on being a woman in the modern day world and of course, holi! Hope you enjoy reading them:

Collect your scars and build something beautiful!

Top 5 feminist and sexist Bollywood movies of 2016

Obama on feminism

Women's Day throughout the World
A woman confident in her own skin is the beauty industry’s biggest nightmare. Funny, but poignant!
Have you heard of Hygge?

These colourful walls

What solo travel has taught me

Holi around India

Have a peaceful weekend and a very Happy Holi!

(Image Source : Himanshu Singh Gurjar through UnSplash)

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