This Women's Day, Let Us Be Good Women*

*I don't mean to imply 'good women' in the traditional sense of good woman, bad woman. It means being good to each other.

This women’s day, let us be good women. Let us not worry first whether the world supports us or not. Let us first support each other. Let us not pull each other down or pull back those of us who want to soar ahead. Let us be the collective wind beneath our sisters’ wings, someone they can always count on.

This women’s day, let us not condemn the others. Let each be the way she wants. Let her wear what she wants, let her travel where she wants, let her speak what she wants. Let her choose her own choices, whether those choices lay at home or elsewhere. Let us not spread venom about her, or try to ‘advise’ her for her good.  Let us not stop her from expressing her thoughts or from demanding what she feels is right. Let us just be there for her, no matter the choices she makes. Let us try to understand her first, if she chooses to be different.

Let us instead teach the men in our lives, young and old, to respect her. Let them know that she is free the way she wants to be and he should take care of his own thoughts and actions instead. Let him know that she is an equal human, with equal right to a life, a choice, a career, a desire. She can dream too. And if he cannot support it, he would rather move out of her way.

This women’s day, let the child of us live. Let us not kill her even before she has a chance to take her first breath. Let us not think less of her, let us not think of her as not enough. Let us not treat her as a burden, but treat her as a blessing.  Let us have a say. Let us stand up for our own, let us nurture each girl to be the best she wants to be.

This women’s day, let us not break each other’s trust. Let us not let the other down. Let us not steal each other’s love or desire what they have. Let us build a beautiful home of our own. Let us have the courage to find our own path in life, however challenging that might be. Let us have faith in ourselves that we would find what we deserve.

This women’s day, let us be good humans.

This women’s day, let us be good women.

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