5 Ways To Simplify Your Life This Year

The Hindu New Year begins today! Hope it has been a good start for you. Now that we have entered a new year, it is time to leave behind the clutter of old year (physical and emotional) and start fresh and new towards a simpler, more effective life.
Simple doesn’t mean boring. Or bare.
Simple means less hassle, more happiness. Less time for stress, more time for pleasure.
Here’s a simple guide to simplify your life this year:

1) Simplify your Calendar: Most of us are guilty of stretching our schedules beyond our capacity. We usually work over-time, then we have the parties, meet-ups, visits to relatives, outings with friends, skype conferences and add to it hours spent watching TV or ‘social networking’. Learn to say no. Understand that it’s OK for you not to be part of every ‘happening’ event in town, or be present at every do. It’s ok not to attend every birthday party of kids who are not yours. Simplify your schedules. Cut back on unproductive or tiring time. Watch less TV once a week. Or check emails one time less. Instead, use that time to rest or do an activity that you enjoy. May be read a book quietly tucked in your bed.

2) Simplify the technology: I use my cellphone to call, sms, listen to songs or take a picture once in a while. That’s all. And that’s why I own a simple phone. And not an iPhone/BlackBerry. I do not feel the need for one. We don't have a TV at our home (more on that in future post). I am not against technology. I admire the development. But often, it also increases distraction. Do we really need that many apps, that many channels, that many ‘high-end’ features? Even when we own them, do we actually use them? Or is it just a source of false satisfaction or pride? Have the wisdom to understand what you need and the power to choose what you want to live with.

3) Simplify your Wardrobe: Do you really need those 5 pairs of jeans or twenty shirts? Do you really need the stress of  an over-spilling wardrobe with the daily dread of ‘I have nothing to wear’? Simplify it. Keep what you love, what you look good in. Give away what you do not need and do not wear. Buy your clothes carefully. They are an important part of your personality and confidence.

4) Simplify your relationships: If you feel love for somebody, love them. If you do not feel the love, let them know. If somebody makes you uncomfortable in life, tell them and end it. Do not crumble under the burden of other people, of what is ‘expected’ of you or what you think is your ‘duty’ to do in life. Be kind to people. Be transparent with your feelings for them. They deserve a life of honesty and joy as much as you do. Be friends with people you genuinely care about. Life is too short to fake it.

5) Simplify your thoughts: Give rest to your brain. It already works overtime.

How do you plan to simplify your life this year

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(This post was originally posted in an earlier blog of mine)

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