Beauty Talk With Radhika Jadhav

I've been a fan of Radhika ever since I first saw her in a Ladies' Meet. She stood out with her grace and glow among hundreds of beautiful ladies. As I got to know later, she was Soldier's friend's wife! So after several months of that first sight, we finally got together for dinner - now she with her newborn daughter and still glowing as I had seen her last. So obviously, when I decided to start a new interview series on finding beauty habits and secrets of wonderful women around the world, Radhika was naturally my first choice! Let's get to know her non-conventional beauty habits, her holy grail products and the secret behind that glow!

Morning Routine
I splash cold tap water on my face and let it dry on its own. I avoid using any soap, cream or towel.

Daytime look
I prefer staying sans make up when at home, hair worn in a pigtail or a messy bun. This also helps me feel a tad extra special when I dress and do simple stuff to myself when I'm about to go out.  If out for a casual outing or to my workplace, I'd wear light make up that includes kohl, lipper (something light - fond of mauves), blush and glitter body mist on my neckline. Sunscreen is a must if outdoors.

Night-time routine
Make up removal for sure using Virgin Coconut oil. Then I splash some cold water and apply Almond Oil on my face (Rogan Badam Shirin) especially under my eyes. I carry make up remover wipes from L’Oreal when I'm traveling. 

Mommy dear used to do a lot of things to my hair.  They were good then.  Now, I'm a lazy bum.  I try using natural products, eat eggs and fish and avoid harmful chemicals. I prefer using Forest Essentials, Body Shop or Fab India shampoos and conditioners. I need to get going to wear my crown bright and right. Time for some hair spa!

Party favourites
M.A.C Kohl& Liner and Chambor lip shades, glitter highlighter/bronzer and colorful eye pencils.  I like the glow of my supple skin; hence, I avoid using any foundation or primer. I like dark lip shades for the night - Coco cola, dark brown or deep maroon. I have an oily face; hence, I rub ice on my face before I apply any make up so that it stays longer. Perfume is Issey Miyake, Burberry or D&G. 

How has your idea of beauty changed from when you were 16?
College time was more  about trial and error.  Now, it is more about patronizing my own signature look.  A healthy glow, smiling eyes were beauty to me then and the same continues even today.  Happy faces are beautiful to me! 

Beauty indulgences
Keep it a secret- this one. Good sex with your lover and lots of it. Nothing makes your face glow more! Otherwise, for the record... the glittery body mist by Body Shop. 

One product you can’t live without
Mac Kohl and Virgin coconut oil.

What’s in your handbag (beauty/skincare/body care products only)?
Mac Kohl, Body Shop lip balm, Chambor lipsticks. I sweat a lot so I carry Attar/Ittar – it stays longer and smells great!  All are travel size and handy.

A beauty trick everyone must know
Don't overdo and don't under do either.  Mix shades, be inventive and creative. And white toothpaste for zits!

A family beauty secret
Loads, actually! Home-made face  packs - Multani mitti (Fuller ''s Earth), Cloves, Sandalwood Powder, Camphor and Rose water paste for 20 mins; Honey & Banana for instant bleaching effect. Whenever any fruit is cut, apply it's juice on your skin! For hair care- Amla, Reetha and  Shikakai powder mix as hair pack; Eggs, Curd and Lemon or soaked and ground Methi (Fenugreek) seeds or Jaswand (Hibiscus) gel and break a strip of Vitamin E capsule in it - all these can be kept for 30-60 mins before a hair wash. A Beauty habit imbibed from my family is - sweat it out and be natural, go natural.

What would you like your daughter to learn about beauty?
She needs to know that it comes from within.  You look and feel beautiful only if you are happy and healthy on the inside - your internal systems, mind and heart - the purer, the better. You look beautiful automatically. 

Your beauty idols
Babies - soft supple baby skin, twinkling eyes and an innocent smile! 

Like mother, Like daughter! :)

Thank you Radhika for sharing your beauty secrets! Keep glowing, like you always do :)


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