Weekend Links

Hello people!

Hope you had a great week with all the love around you? I am at my parents' putting in all my efforts at eating, sleeping and catching up on tv shows with similar plans for the weekend as well! It's like my pre-marriage days are back again, except I get to talk as much as I want with my husband over phone :D Wishing you a great weekend as well and leaving here with some fun reads for the weekend: 

A cute love story.

Real Girls. Real Styles - A very classy Indian fashion blog.

Currently reading this beautiful book.

For the wonderful Army wives - How not to let this life overwhelm you.

A new parliamentary bill to curb lavish spending on weddings. Yay or Nay?

THE calendar to buy in 2017!

The story of my life!

7 easy party snacks.

This Vogue Fashion narration through the decades is an instant favourite!

One of my favourite brands just launched their new collection and it's amazeballs!


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