Love Is In The Boring

Love seems divine,
But love, of what I have learnt,
is also as much, in the boring.
Making its appearance at random moments of the daily grind,
disappearing in the blink of an eye.
Love is not just in the pompous vacations,
but also when he comes back from office late at night but still takes you out for a drive
to see the shimmering city lights
from a hilltop, that he knows you like so much.
Love is taking turns, on foggy, bone-chilling winter mornings to make tea,
Because he knows, kitchen is not a gendered domain
and he really cares enough to let you sleep a little longer.
Love is in that 7.00 am tea everyday and homemade cookies.
Love is knowing he likes green nachos and you blue chips.
or that he likes extra mustard in his dips.
Love is when she, who never set foot on the dancing floor
Can now sway all night because he has made rhythms so easy
so comfortable, so enjoyable.
Love is when he sings you Bollywood songs and you sing him Oldies
Though none ever explored that territory
before you met each other.
Love is him knowing how much you hate filling water bottles
and buying an automatic water filter.
Love in the daily honesty,
Letting each other know when they're being cute or just a pain in the rear.
Love is when he makes your favourite cocktail at 6 in the evening as a homecoming surprise
Because he knows you've had a tough day at work.
Love is not just creation of a new life together,
But sharing the not so happy necessities of changing diapers
Or pacifying a crying newborn in the middle of the night. 
Love is not just providing, or nurturing
Love is also, empowering each other.
Love is staying together
when you have nothing
or lose everything.
Love is not just the grandiose declarations of your feelings on social media for others to know,
Love is sleeping in peace every night when you, in your deepest heart, yourself know
That you are loved.
And it will stay that way,
opinion of the world notwithstanding.
Love is not that which takes you to highest of the highs,
Love is that, which lasts long. For a lifetime.
Love is beautiful,
But most of the love, is in the daily,

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