Top 6 Army Wife Blogs That You Must Read This Year

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Army Wife Tribe. What would we do without it! When you marry an Officer, you just don't marry the man, you marry the whole fauj and it is so true! And given the really unique experiences that are in store for us, a little help, advise and wisdom from experienced souls go a long long way.

So I have compiled a list of the amazing Army Wife blogs that I have been reading and you must read too if you need some insider's perspective of this beautiful, crazy, amazing life; also, to maintain your sanity, knowing you are not alone in this journey ;)

A Curious Army Wife
by Anamika Nandedkar

My first, My favourite! When I said 'yes' to the Soldier, Anamika's blog was the first one that cropped up when I searched 'Indian Army Wife Life' on Google and I have been hooked ever since. She provides an honest and hilarious take on life in the Army and if you are an alien, outsider, independent tomboyish girl who is looking to enter this weird, elegant, fun world, then you should bookmark her blog RIGHT NOW!

Aditi's Monologue by Aditi Mathur Kumar


If you finally do decide to marry your man in uniform, Aditi's book 'Soldier & Spice' should be your bible! Though it is a fictionalized account based on individual experiences, be sure that you are going to come across one or more of those funny/sour/bitter-sweet instances in your real life. A famous author and a travel writer, her blog continue to serve the delicious appetizers on the insides of the Army Life while she hops from one remarkable book to another.

Girl and World by Swapnil Pandey


Swapnil is the rising star of the blogging world, given that her magnificent blog that covers everything from positive living, travel, fashion and food to of course, the nitty gritty of Army Life. If you could read just one article in your life about being a military spouse, I would recommend her beautiful article on 'Army life pressures and how to deal with it'. She is on her way to becoming a published author (yay!) but it is her blog that is a must-read if you want to keep up to date with everything interesting that's happening around us.

by Maryam Hasan Ahmad


Maryam is an extremely talented illustrator, artist, mother of two boys and a true-blue Army Wife. Her blog is a melting pot of her artistic creations, yummy recipes, home decor inspirations, party ideas and Olive adventures. For those of you who wonder about the virtues of an Army wife,  Maryam delivers the message simply and strongly in this post
. Follow her adventures on the blog regularly and you will never leave disappointed.

Kohl Eyed Me by Shalini Nair

I have come across Shalini's blog just recently and I am amazed by her wonderful blog. Shalini authors not just one but TWO blogs, the other being 'Something's Cooking'. If you want some new fun recipes, latest product reviews or go on travel adventures, Shalini's the lady for you! Do not miss her post on the X-factor of Army wives :)

Half A Cup of Happyness by Sonia Kundra Singh

You probably know Sonia as the writer of four beautiful romance novels; what many of you may not have come across is her very resourceful blog which unfortunately, she has stopped updating a while ago. From decorating a fauji house to this comprehensive guide on packing, her posts are cited in many Army-related Facebook pages and was one of my first guides on learning about this life. And Sonia if you're reading this, PLEASE start blogging again! We need more of your insight and wisdom in our lives.

So here was my list of amazing blogs by amazing women that I know of. Of course, there are more blogs out there but either they have just one or two (though very useful) posts or have not been updated since many years.

Do you know of any more Army wife blogs? Do let me know so that I can update the list here.

Also, if you have some spare time, you can go through the Army Life section on my blog :D Shameless self-promotion


Weekend Links

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Hope you had a great week with all the love around you? I am at my parents' putting in all my efforts at eating, sleeping and catching up on tv shows with similar plans for the weekend as well! It's like my pre-marriage days are back again, except I get to talk as much as I want with my husband over phone :D Wishing you a great weekend as well and leaving here with some fun reads for the weekend: 

A cute love story.

Real Girls. Real Styles - A very classy Indian fashion blog.

Currently reading this beautiful book.

For the wonderful Army wives - How not to let this life overwhelm you.

A new parliamentary bill to curb lavish spending on weddings. Yay or Nay?

THE calendar to buy in 2017!

The story of my life!

7 easy party snacks.

This Vogue Fashion narration through the decades is an instant favourite!

One of my favourite brands just launched their new collection and it's amazeballs!


Love Is In The Boring

Love seems divine,
But love, of what I have learnt,
is also as much, in the boring.
Making its appearance at random moments of the daily grind,
disappearing in the blink of an eye.
Love is not just in the pompous vacations,
but also when he comes back from office late at night but still takes you out for a drive
to see the shimmering city lights
from a hilltop, that he knows you like so much.
Love is taking turns, on foggy, bone-chilling winter mornings to make tea,
Because he knows, kitchen is not a gendered domain
and he really cares enough to let you sleep a little longer.
Love is in that 7.00 am tea everyday and homemade cookies.
Love is knowing he likes green nachos and you blue chips.
or that he likes extra mustard in his dips.
Love is when she, who never set foot on the dancing floor
Can now sway all night because he has made rhythms so easy
so comfortable, so enjoyable.
Love is when he sings you Bollywood songs and you sing him Oldies
Though none ever explored that territory
before you met each other.
Love is him knowing how much you hate filling water bottles
and buying an automatic water filter.
Love in the daily honesty,
Letting each other know when they're being cute or just a pain in the rear.
Love is when he makes your favourite cocktail at 6 in the evening as a homecoming surprise
Because he knows you've had a tough day at work.
Love is not just creation of a new life together,
But sharing the not so happy necessities of changing diapers
Or pacifying a crying newborn in the middle of the night. 
Love is not just providing, or nurturing
Love is also, empowering each other.
Love is staying together
when you have nothing
or lose everything.
Love is not just the grandiose declarations of your feelings on social media for others to know,
Love is sleeping in peace every night when you, in your deepest heart, yourself know
That you are loved.
And it will stay that way,
opinion of the world notwithstanding.
Love is not that which takes you to highest of the highs,
Love is that, which lasts long. For a lifetime.
Love is beautiful,
But most of the love, is in the daily,

Jaisalmer Travel Diaries : Part II - Longewala & Tanot

Ask any 90's kid what is her/his favourite war movie pat comes the reply, "Border". Based on the Battle of Longewala in 1971 Indo-Pak war, It is still one of our favourite movies to watch when us siblings get together. So no doubt, being a true-blood Indian, not to mention the fauji legacies, I HAD to visit Longewala when I was in Jaisalmer. So off we drove into the legendary desert landscape to see the unforgiving land where our brave soldiers made the supreme sacrifice for their country.

Tanot Mata Mandir is located at a distance of about 90 kms away from Jaisalmer city and Longewala is a further 52 kms away. The best way to reach there is by a taxi or to drive down as the locations are very remote, barren and isloated making public transport erratic and exhauting The roads are in extremely good condition, though entirely consisting of desert land, with few odd villages along the way.

The first stop on the circuit is the 'Ghantiyali' Temple, sharing military history similar to Tanot Mata Temple.

A few more kilometres away, is the legendary Tanot Mata Temple which miraculously was untouched by the hundreds of shells that fell all around it during enemy attack.

The war memorial at Longewala:

A destroyed enemy tank:

Words to remember:


Weekend Links

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What's up? I'm travelling to Hyderabad/Secunderabad this week and going to be around for a couple of days, so if anyone here wants to meet up and say hi, you're welcome! Also, it's bloody hot here! I'm coming from really cold, foggy, weather up north and this heat is draining me. Anyway, sharing some inetersting links I've found this week:

On honest conversations with your partner.

You must see the amazing work this young lady is doing bring forth lost stories of partition.

I absolutely loved Taapsee Pannu in Baby. So excited for her new movie, its prequel.

I'm a sucker for boho homes. Blue walls? Hell, yeah!

Priyanka Chopra is living in the USA on a visa

An instagram account that makes me want to escape to the Himalayas!

For those of you* who celebrate Valentine's Day, a practical guide on what to buy for your man.

Have a great weekend!!


(We don't celebrate Valentine's Day :-P)