5 Simple Ways to Make Your New Year Happier

Happy New Year, lovelies!! 

Do you feel same as me, that even though the days seem so long, the year just whizzes by? I mean, it feels like just yesterday that we were wishing each other for New Year 2016, and now 2017 is already here!

An important thing that strikes me is, that even though at the beginning of a year I plan of so many thing new things to do, I just don't get down to doing it and the year just flashes away.

So here I've identified a list of 5 simple ways you can make your 'Happy New Year' be just more than a greeting, and a joyful journey indeed:

  1. Write down your plans: Be it your goals for the year, a travel dream or something that you'd been wanting to do for long. Trust me, writing down is so much more helpful as the first step than having everything just float in and out of your mind. Penning down your thoughts, dreams and goals ensure that your brain also works on how to go about achieving it. And you have more chances of attaining it. So there you go! Take than pen and just W.R.I.T.E
  2. Travel to one new place this year : Nothing enriches your life the way traveling does. And even then people spend years staying in the same place, or just taking a holiday to the same old comfortable place they go every year. Try new. Travel new this year. Even if it is just one small place. Just go!
  3. Make one new friend: I know, esp at our age, making new friends is hard; especially for introverts like me. But just take that one step and go and say that first hello. Ask them their name, where are they from, what is their story. You will be amazed by the fact that behind ordinary faces, there are such extraordinary stories. And you will have one new friend to share your life with.
  4. Learn to cook one new dish: Cooking is therapeutic, cooking can be fun, Cooking is creativity at its tastiest! Be it a secret family recipe your grandmother and mother having doling out for years, or instant noodles in a different style or a new omelette recipe, just try something new. Better still, cook as a family. You will get to bake your cake and eat it too! (pun definitely intended!)
  5. Let go of one toxic factor from your life : Be it a relationship, a habit, a food item, anything that you know is plain harmful for you. Just gather the courage to just kiss it goodbye. It will be difficult to do so, but it is not impossible, and you will forever be thankful for doing it. There is more to this life than just being bogged down by all the negativity. 
Have a good year!

(Image sourced from UnSplash)

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