Head Over Heels

The song most often used to tease me in school was "Khambe jaisi khadi hai, ladki hai ya chhadi hai". That is the earliest memory I have of being abnormally tall. Abnormally. That is what I thought of my height for a long long time. Since KG I was always the one to stand at the back of the class line, always the one to sit on the last bench, always taller than 95% of the boys in my class. Always the odd one out. And I didn't really like it.

Others always admired my height, always wished there were as tall as me, but for me, my height was another one in the long list of things wrong with me; so much pressure we girls put on ourselves, no?

And I continued feeling awkward about myself till I went to England. I was finally not the tallest one. I was among the normal. 

But I never wore heels, ever. Not in school, not in college, not even in the UK. Heels was something, in my eyes, not for girls like me. Heels were meant to make short girls look tall. 

I don't remember when exactly did I realize that heels were not just about adjusting your height, but heels were also a means to convey confidence, to feel empowered. So finally I said, "What the heck!" and bought my first heel.

They were teeny-tiny, about half inch heel. They served me well, corrected my posture and taught me to walk like a lady (something I still struggle with, but its okay!). 

But above all, heels taught me some fundamental life lessons.

Heels taught me to embrace the woman inside me, as she is. Heels taught me to stand tall for who I was (literally and figuratively). Heels taught me that I didn't have to live by the rules and I certainly didn't have to live in comparison to others, but build a joyful, motivating, confident life for myself, just like I want. 

Heels taught me, to be myself - to explore, to experiment and embrace myself in all my oddity, craziness and sexiness.

So now I've bought my first 3-incher (as seen in the pic above). I'm walking slow in it for now, but I'm loving every bit of it :D 

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