Honest Endeavour

It started as a curiosity when I entered the world of rural development. First, I was introduced to the pandora of beautiful creations being woven in tiny villages across the country. Then I was exposed to the sorrowful conditions these weavers were suffering at the hands of globalization, mechanization and a general disdain for anything made locally. 

It always made me question what could be done about it. What could I do about it? 
If only handlooms were easily available, affordable and popular.

For a change, I decided to be a part of the solution than the question itself. 
Introducing - Honest Handloom - my sincere attempt at bringing the best of handmade, handwoven and handcrafted textiles from across the country.

Every product you choose to buy will directly benefit the weaver and help support the dying art forms.

Share your love, wishes and support @honesthandloom and spread the good word.

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And Happy National Handloom Day!

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