Weekend Links

Hey friends!

Friday night it is!

Leaving you here with some of my favourite links for the weekend. What are your plans? My parents are visiting and I need to clean up the house :D :P

Exciting things coming up next week! See you soon :)

First things first - PV Sindhu wins Olympics Silver! Kudos girl!

These paintings will make you miss your dad, big time!

Beautiful photos of love during wartime .

73 questions with Taylor Swift. Adorable!

Sweden has one of the best street styles you'll ever see!

Currently craving - perfect party heels.

I'm growing out my eyebrows for this look. I know I'm late. But still!

I have a severe Afghan obsession. I am watching this movie tonight!

Have a great weekend!


Image source: Bored Panda

Embracing Minimal Beauty

Few weeks ago, I gave up a lot of cosmetics that I had been using (and storing) and pared down to a very simple product - natural oil.

I had been struggling with skin and hair issues since years and was just not able to get it right. I wanted to get back to my shiny, strong, healthy skin and hair that I used to have as a kid, which I lost during my teenage years and never really gained back.

Of course, my lifestyle choices are to be blamed equally - sleeping late, not getting enough rest, long hours on computer and phone, unhealthy eating habits, washing hair everyday and not oiling them ever - what a poor body is to do!

So I started facing problems like dull and pigmented skin, extreme and unpredictable oiliness or dryness, hairfall and thinning hair and what not. Of course, I was trying to look for solutions in wonderful skincare brands, but how much can it help if I myself do not cooperate with my choices and disciplined use.

But there were two constant issues gnawing at me throughout that I had to resolve - my need to minimize the number of products I was using and avoiding as many chemicals as possible.

  • I realized that no matter how good or costly a product I bought, I never really went on to use it reguarly to see the results. I was just too lazy to slather on that many 'speacialized treatment' products. I wanted something simple, something more basic, but still having the ability to solve all of my woes.
  • Articles talking about how the body absorbs a lot of what we put on it made me worry. The realization that our random medical issues might be in any way related to the cosmetics we have been using is just too scary a thought. I want to have a clean body inside-out. Because honestly, someday I would want to have a baby inside and I do not want it to be floating in cosmetics induced chemicals (ok, may be exaggerating, but not all untrue!)  

So this made me quit most of my skincare products.

I bought myself organic coldpressed virgin coconut oil and olive oil (because that is what they say is the purest and the best) and started using them as cleanser, face and body moisturizer, makeup remover, hair conditioner, leave-in conditioner/hair serum.

This change has also enabled me to bid goodbye to more than 200 of synthetic chemicals which I was forcing onto my body through above mentioned products.

Within a couple of weeks' time, these are the changes I have experienced:

  • My skin feels so nourished and moisturized - at all times. No more dryness!
  • My face looks clearer and brighter. 
  • My hair feel smoother and healthier.
My skin has never looked better. My skin has never felt better.

I am exploring more options to minimize my beauty routine. I am seriously considering quitting shampoo. I wish we had more options for organic make up products in India.

For now, I am happy just exploring natural, minimal and very effective skincare. My skin breathes. It brings me joy. I am finally learning to cherish my own self, naturally as I am.

Honest Endeavour

It started as a curiosity when I entered the world of rural development. First, I was introduced to the pandora of beautiful creations being woven in tiny villages across the country. Then I was exposed to the sorrowful conditions these weavers were suffering at the hands of globalization, mechanization and a general disdain for anything made locally. 

It always made me question what could be done about it. What could I do about it? 
If only handlooms were easily available, affordable and popular.

For a change, I decided to be a part of the solution than the question itself. 
Introducing - Honest Handloom - my sincere attempt at bringing the best of handmade, handwoven and handcrafted textiles from across the country.

Every product you choose to buy will directly benefit the weaver and help support the dying art forms.

Share your love, wishes and support @honesthandloom and spread the good word.

Shop here

And Happy National Handloom Day!