Do or Don't : Bedroom Exclusivity

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Not ours! :P

The pun not intended. I meant the title literally.

Our bedroom is exclusive to us. Of course, you can see it if you wanted to, but we don't entertain guests here. We do not bring friends over in this room to sit and have a chat, ever. When we have a party at home, we just bolt the room, especially because the kids love to sneak in and jump on our fluffy mattress. They ALWAYS find a way to!

The thing is, our bedroom is sacred to us. There is nothing secret here, no hidden jewels. It is just a normal room with our bed, cupboards and dressers. Not too much decor either. But it is our cave, the only place for us to just be. This is the place we are man and wife, where we talk, discuss, dream and build the basics of our life together. And we value that a lot. May be we are lucky we get to live in such a big house. May be we may not be able to remain the same when we have kids or if we had to live in a temporary shelter (possibility given the nature of Soldier's line of work). But for now, as long as we are able to, we just want it to be for us, just us two.

What are your views on the same? Is your bedroom open for all? Would love to know your thoughts.