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A year ago, if you had said that I'd be taking part in a flower arranging competition in the Army, I'd have rolled my eyes, laughed at your face and said , "Noooo wayyyyy!!!" ... 

Two days ago, this is what happened. 

The final presentation. I felt so proud of myself!

I didn't just participate, I had to take leave from work to participate in this competition. I know nothing about flowers or their arrangement. I didn't even have a vase. I plucked the flowers from my garden and borrowed my husband's bar decanter and DIYed it. 

Morning mayhem

And I tried my best. I didn't break any rules, didn't throw competitive fits and didn't win any prize. I still don't see the point of conducting such a competition, but I feel content - to be able to stand by my unit, which always stands by me. 

Soldier's words..hmmph!

And I think participating in at least one ridiculous activity is like a right of passage for every new Army wife. 

The roses had to be there, of course!

But if you ask me today, would I like to participate again in the future, I'd still say , 'Nooooo Wayyyy!'

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