Do or Don't : Wearing Indian Symbols of Marriage

I wear a (quite heavy) mangalsutra. I also wear silver anklets. The only time I take them off is when I'm travelling or if they do not go with a specific party outfit. Other times I do not because what the heck! Wearing or not wearing them do not really make me feel any different about being married.

But sometimes I wonder, given that I wear western semi-formals to office on most days, anklets are not really the thing to be worn (especially with summers approaching and sandals replacing socks-shoes).

I know I won't feel guilty about not wearing them. I already rarely put sindoor and bindi and toe rings. Or any other thing I'm supposed to as a normal Indian conventional bride.

But I just feel, unsure. If that'd be really a good thing to do. Am I supposed to still follow it because I should or has some real scientific benefits, as they claim?

What do you think? Do you go all traditional? Or don't care at all? Or have found that perfect balance?