Being Married : First Impressions

It's our Anniversary week!! And to celebrate it, the Soldier and I decided to do some couple posts (or rather, I decided and dragged him to participate :P). Here's our first post, about our first impressions about various things getting and being married entails. Hope you enjoy reading it!!

Our first meeting

Mrs: Even though we knew each other through my sister, we met for the first time at home – with everyone. And it was super awkward. I didn’t speak the whole time he was around. Oh, and it was Christmas! When he reached my home, I was listening to a funny Govinda song to calm my nerves. It did help!

Mr: It was a typical Christmas Day- 25 Dec 2015. I was just hoping that it wouldn’t be another trip to singing ‘Last Christmas’!! But I was clueless that I was soon to be bedazzled by this lady, who would hold me captive of her charms for eternity.

Each other

MrsOh, he was all goody goody well behaved bachcha types. If only I had known what a devil
he is!

Mr: Honestly, before she entered the room, I could hear her footsteps :P She was treading comfortably like an early warning system on two feet (I guess I’ll have to continue cooking for next two weeks when she reads about this one :P) However, once I saw her my reaction was like- ‘Oh k! So she’s going to be the lucky one!’ Little did I guess that it would be the other way around within one year.  

Mrs: Yes, you'll be cooking for the next two weeks. And what do you mean 'continue'??"


Mr: Before we met, I had known her elder sister for around 10 years!! (Can you believe it!!) And till date I wonder what wrong did I do to her that she treated me this way :P Jokes apart, I’m glad that I’d known her sister for so long, enabling our matrimony. The family in general was totally chilled out. In fact I had already spent a day with her dad in Guwahati. And I’m sure that the Almighty won’t bring anyone into such a situation, wherein you’re aware that you are being constantly judged and your every step is being evaluated, for better part of the day!! Gosh!! Sunday and no beer??!! Are you kidding??!! Sacrifices even before getting married :P Mataji seemed to be typical mom. Caring and loving types. But I’m yet to get pampered by amazing cooking of my sasuma.

Mrs: I met his mom and aunt first and they were supercool. My mother-in-law is more chilled out than my own mother. It's a fun equation.

First Date

Mrs: We went out alone to ‘get to know each other better’. And the first topic of discussion was different types of alcohol and why they are good for health! On an ordinary day, I would’ve run away from a man like that, but that day I stayed, and listened. I didn’t talk that day as well. I think that was also the last day he got to talk that much. I haven’t stopped talking since :P

We were supposed to be out for a couple of hours, instead we were out together for a good 11 hours!

Mr: On our first official date (30 Dec 2015) she wore a sweater- a green & black striped one and denims. I took her to my favorite place in the city- the sit out at JW Marriott.

Mrs: I think we went on many 'pseudo-dates' before that no? What? 'Getting to know each other' is not counted as a date??

First Song

Mrs: The first song he sang for me was ‘Hero’ by Enrique Iglesias. (If you don’t count the song ‘Just the Way you are’ by Bruno Mars that he sent to my sister’s whatsapp ‘by mistake’ :P)

I also got to know later that he has played that song for every girl he’s wanted to impress (Hmmph!)

Mr: She recreated the magic of Vicki Peterson by singing ‘Eternal Flame’.  

Mrs: It's so difficult being married to a music aficionado. Everywhere I go. I'm asked to sing, just because my husband sings well! And to say that I've never ever sung before in my life - except may be school prayer and the National Anthem!


Mrs: We both were very clear that we wanted to get married at a temple, and we wanted to have a daytime wedding. In fact, we wanted to elope with our families and get married just because it's so much more fun than traditional wedding ceremonies! It was a mammoth task to convince my family for the same as Rajputs have night weddings and small ceremony is looked down upon. But we did finally manage to find a middle ground. We did have a morning weddinge, in a beautiful Radha Krishna temple we both had discovered on one of our evenings out. And though not perfect, it was memorable. 

Oh, and did I tell you he arrived on a Bullet and not a stupid ghodi? That was SO cool!

Mr: I always dreamt of a 'destination wedding' and even she shared similar ideas (lucky me). Alas! Making parents understand in such a situation is really an arduous task. Nevertheless, parents did agree for a small wedding in a Mandir. And as the destiny would have planned it, we got married in a Mandir bang opposite of my training wing! Never ever had I even dreamt during my training days that this Mandir would one day induce a phase shift in my life!! And I hardly remember anything about the wedding, apart from the part where my entry was on a Bullet rather than a typical 'ghodi' (I'm an ardent animal lover and wanted to spare the poor animal of some back breaking experiences :P)

First movie together:

MrCan’t beat this one!! It was ‘Avengers: The Age of Ultron’. It was released when we were on our honeymoon. In one sequence during the movie, when the mighty Thor takes off, she started laughing out so loud, I was thinking to myself- what the__??!!!

Mrs: It was Avengers. It was also the first time I was watching an Avengers movie (spoiler alert: I'm not a comic book movie fan!). He had booked us those cushy recliner seats, the hall was empty as there was an earthquake just two days ago and I didn't know the story a bit. Initially I tried asking him about the characters, but within half hour of the movie, I just dozed off. When I woke up, the lights were on and I thought the movie was finally over. But when I realized it's just the intermission, I had my popcorn/cola and slept off again for rest of the movie.

First posting together

Mrs:We have been here since our marriage. And it’s amazing. We are in the unit and I understand the true meaning of when they say that Unit is like a family. The people are so warm and fun, there’s so much greenery around, no pollution, my office is a 2 minute drive away and on a clear day, I can see snow mountains! So I’m living my dream life.

It’s also so overwhelming to see how much he’s loved and respected by all of his men, as well as his fellow Officers. Kids especially adore him!

Mr: In unit… when in unit, the station turns lively however bad a place it might be.. and thankfully, she developed the same thoughts throughout her interactions with various people from varied walks of life..

First Home

Mr: I had got one wall of each room coloured with some lively colours. We called it our ‘Casa Cassata’! 

Mrs: The first time he sent me the picture of what was to be our first house together, I got all emotional and showed it to everyone at my office. Even though, like every fauji house, it looked like an abandoned heritage building. The first time he sent me the picture of the house after getting it cleaned and painted, I cried – because due to some communication gap with the workers, the walls got painted all Pink, Green, Blue, Orange, etc. I mean what adult lives in a house like that! (Note: Never leave the MES alone to paint your house). After much deliberation, we decided to stick with those walls and even nicknamed our house ‘Casa Cassata’ - like the mullti-colour ice cream. After 6 months we had to shift our house as the roof was falling off and when it was time to finally leave, we cried again! However that house was, it was our first house with so many memories. We just didn’t want to leave!

Living as a married couple

Mrs:It’s superfun! It’s like living with your best friend with no parents around :P You can eat what you want, sleep when you want, as long as you want :P My cupboard is a mess since weeks and no one to scold me :P I also feel so fortunate to be able to stay with him now unlike many military couples. Even though he’s always so busy, we do try to spend as much time as possible together, sometimes doing nothing. Sometimes we spend nights jamming on the guitar and singing at the top of our voices, not bothering about the neighbours.

Mr: Pass…. Never catch the bull by its horns… have learned it the harder way :P

Mrs: What do you mean??? (Grrr...)

First meal he / she cooked for you

Mrs: I think he made Pasta in white sauce. Or Maharashtrian style egg bhurji.

Mr: Suji ka halwa.. I don’t remember her cooking anything after that :P

Mrs: Such a liar! I'm not cooking anything tonight!!

One word that sums up your spouse

Mrs:Larger than life. The light of my life :)

Mr: My wife- the love of my life.. for all that she was, she is & she ever will be…..

One word that sums your marriage

Mrs: F.U.N!

Mr: Happily imperfect perfection!!

(Mrs: Ok, I'll cook the dinner tonight)

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