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I’m so excited to bring to you the third in the interview series Wife in the Army. Today we’ll be getting to know my adorable friend Yashika who talks about her Bollywoodsy love story with her hunk in uniform, the tough times of military separation, a graceful way to manage multiple social events and puts some sense into us cribbing wives as to why a peace posting, no matter how busy, is still better than field postings.

How did Army happen to you?
Army happened to me at the most unexpected time of my life with the most unexpected person. Yes, our story is quite dramatic. We met at a wedding where we fought over 'joota chupai' rasam after which we hated each other - God knows when this takraar turned into ikraar and now here we are loving and living happily.

What was your welcome prank?
There was no welcome prank for me - Yes, I missed this fun as we were posted at such place where they had all senior gang. But I was given a warm welcome by them which I still cherish.
Describe Yashika before and after Army happened to her.
Well, before marriage I was like any other Delhi University student. Loved being casual and carefree. Before marrying an Olive Green 8 am meant 11 am to me. Yashika, after marriage has learnt punctuality. I have learnt to value togetherness. Small things in life gives me immense happiness now. I have stopped cribbing and live my present to the fullest. Making my people happy and spreading smiles around is what I look forward to. Army has made me a much better person.


How did marrying into the Army impact your career?
Army did impact my career but it was by my choice so NO regrets at all. I am very clear in my priorities. Army already gives you plenty of time to stay alone so I can give up anything to stay with my husband. I have recently picked up teaching and I am loving my job. I have heard and read many ladies cribbing about it. Teaching is their last choice whereas I made it my first choice when I was contemplating between various options. I happily left my corporate chair to move with my husband.

What is a regular day in your life like?
My morning starts with checking my phone- in case any loving message from husband. Yeah, that's what separation makes you do - love your phone more than any other thing. Most of the time goes into imparting education. I have been a lucky girl to have got wonderful in-laws who I find waiting for me patiently over the dinner table so that we three can have meal together. My regular day revolves a lot around my work institution, parents and my phone.

What do you love most about being an Army wife?
In these 4 years I have loved everything about being an Army wife. The fact that I have married a soldier makes me proud. I am associated with an organization which is known for its Valor, gives me immense pride. My heart still skips a beat when I see my man in uniform. In short, I am a PROUD army wife loving him and taking pride in what he is doing.

Is there anything you dislike about being an Army wife?
Army wives wearing husbands’ rank- God, so much tantrums few senior ladies have. But I have been quite lucky to have not faced any such issue till date. I would any day dislike any lady mistreating others under the tag 'junior' / 'senior'.

How do you deal with the periods of separation in the Army?
Well, I am going through one right now. I try to keep myself occupied with work but it does not help always. I show to the world I am ok when I am not. I do cry and get upset. I do feel like telling him - leave everything and come back to me. I hate being away from him. But that's pretty normal right? You get irritable when the man you love is not around you or rather cannot be around you, because I am sure even they wish to live every moment with us but they cannot. That's the nature of their profession.

And when you’re staying together, but he still doesn’t have time (because they’re always so busy with work
I have always seen him busy only so now I have got used to it. As I have mentioned earlier too, small things give me immense happiness. Peace stations at least give you a chance to sit and share your meals. It would allow me to see him every day, that's what I’m currently waiting for.

Which has been your favourite military station/posting till date and why?
Jaipur- That was my first station as an Army wife so it will always be very close to my heart but I love all the places where I have got to stay with him. If I get a chance to stay with him at some border also I am sure I will fall in love with that place too. 

How do you manage the various social engagements that come with being an Army wife?
When I know I have to do something, I prefer doing it with a smile. 

Do you love wearing sarees (considering we have to wear one too many)? What are your favourite ones?
Our  wardrobe has some mandatory items and saree is one of them so like most of the fauji wives I too love wearing saree.

In your opinion, what are the 5 must-have wardrobe pieces for an army wife?
    1. Your regimental saree
    2. Floral prints for garden parties
    3. Smart trousers (when jeans are not allowed, they are of great help)
    4. Almost every colour saree for any color theme which can be decided just a night before your coffee
    5. Good formals for the times when you r invited for polo/ golf matches

What is the ONE style rule an Army wife should never forget?
Carry what you are comfortable in and yes, do not forget to wear your beautiful smile- that makes you even more gorgeous.

What are your favourite places to shop?
Jaipur station had lots and lots to explore, the list would be endless if I start writing about it.


How different do you think your life would be if you were married to a civilian?
l would have married the same guy, only the profession would have been different and life would have not been as adventurous as it is now.

What’s your advice to the girlfriends and new wives on living life as an Army Wife?
Be his strength and not his weakness. No matter how painful the distance is, let the love stay strong. Stand by him, support him, encourage him, miss him, wait for him but do not break down.

Do you have any message for our fellow citizens?
Army is not just about the privileges we are getting, there's much more to it.  Along with the soldier his entire family makes sacrifices. Birthdays, anniversary, important events, festivals - all are spent alone, for people who are just busy counting what benefits we are getting. Change your perspective and value what this organization is doing for you.

Thank you for the lovely interview, Yashika!

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