Style Files : The Carrie Diaries

I got the Soldier to download this fun prequel to the Sex and the City show, so that I can indulge in some guilty pleasures while he is away for a long training. As it goes, I couldn't even wait for him to leave and have already finished half the season in a day :D

I also admit to being a decade behind in my mental liking of shows. Like when I was 24, my favourite TV show was Lizzie McGuire!

So yeah, I am watching the show and loving it! Especially the cute prints of the 80s. I could SO wear them even now, even at this age!! :D

Cutesy heart print!

Quirky lipstick print!

Animal Print!

Polka Dots and Stripes!! Why do they not make them anymore???

AND, of course, the Dresses!!!

What's your guilty pleasure?

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