Weekend Links: Cold Wave

Hello lovelies!

So much that happened in this world this week! I'm shocked, surprised, weary and cashless :( Hope everything turns out for the better. How about you?

In other news, the weather is getting colder here... I guess we're having snowfall higher up. I want to curl myself up in a warm blanket with some hot coffee and a book to keep me company this weekend. What are your plans? Is it cold where you live?

An Ode to the beloved Nighties . I also love this website for such refreshing essays!

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Face scrub you can eat. Yum!

Can't wait for this movie!

Have you read this book? It's on my winter tbr list!

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Weekend Links

Fall has finally arrived in my place! The evening air has started to feel crisp, hot coffee looks more tempting than its cold cousin, apples have flooded the market and my ageing knees have started to ache :P How is your October going on? Do you love winters as much as I do?

Here are few links to give you company this weekend:

Now that I'm well on my way towards the 30s, cannot agree more with these adult style lessons!

I am in love with this blog . They're bringing ethnic back!

Old video but still still makes me laugh so much!

This instagram account is hilarious.

Planning to take up this trek coming winter. Any suggestions?

Such a smart fall coat!

Head Over Heels

The song most often used to tease me in school was "Khambe jaisi khadi hai, ladki hai ya chhadi hai". That is the earliest memory I have of being abnormally tall. Abnormally. That is what I thought of my height for a long long time. Since KG I was always the one to stand at the back of the class line, always the one to sit on the last bench, always taller than 95% of the boys in my class. Always the odd one out. And I didn't really like it.

Others always admired my height, always wished there were as tall as me, but for me, my height was another one in the long list of things wrong with me; so much pressure we girls put on ourselves, no?

And I continued feeling awkward about myself till I went to England. I was finally not the tallest one. I was among the normal. 

But I never wore heels, ever. Not in school, not in college, not even in the UK. Heels was something, in my eyes, not for girls like me. Heels were meant to make short girls look tall. 

I don't remember when exactly did I realize that heels were not just about adjusting your height, but heels were also a means to convey confidence, to feel empowered. So finally I said, "What the heck!" and bought my first heel.

They were teeny-tiny, about half inch heel. They served me well, corrected my posture and taught me to walk like a lady (something I still struggle with, but its okay!). 

But above all, heels taught me some fundamental life lessons.

Heels taught me to embrace the woman inside me, as she is. Heels taught me to stand tall for who I was (literally and figuratively). Heels taught me that I didn't have to live by the rules and I certainly didn't have to live in comparison to others, but build a joyful, motivating, confident life for myself, just like I want. 

Heels taught me, to be myself - to explore, to experiment and embrace myself in all my oddity, craziness and sexiness.

So now I've bought my first 3-incher (as seen in the pic above). I'm walking slow in it for now, but I'm loving every bit of it :D 

Weekend Links

Hey friends!

Friday night it is!

Leaving you here with some of my favourite links for the weekend. What are your plans? My parents are visiting and I need to clean up the house :D :P

Exciting things coming up next week! See you soon :)

First things first - PV Sindhu wins Olympics Silver! Kudos girl!

These paintings will make you miss your dad, big time!

Beautiful photos of love during wartime .

73 questions with Taylor Swift. Adorable!

Sweden has one of the best street styles you'll ever see!

Currently craving - perfect party heels.

I'm growing out my eyebrows for this look. I know I'm late. But still!

I have a severe Afghan obsession. I am watching this movie tonight!

Have a great weekend!


Image source: Bored Panda

Embracing Minimal Beauty

Few weeks ago, I gave up a lot of cosmetics that I had been using (and storing) and pared down to a very simple product - natural oil.

I had been struggling with skin and hair issues since years and was just not able to get it right. I wanted to get back to my shiny, strong, healthy skin and hair that I used to have as a kid, which I lost during my teenage years and never really gained back.

Of course, my lifestyle choices are to be blamed equally - sleeping late, not getting enough rest, long hours on computer and phone, unhealthy eating habits, washing hair everyday and not oiling them ever - what a poor body is to do!

So I started facing problems like dull and pigmented skin, extreme and unpredictable oiliness or dryness, hairfall and thinning hair and what not. Of course, I was trying to look for solutions in wonderful skincare brands, but how much can it help if I myself do not cooperate with my choices and disciplined use.

But there were two constant issues gnawing at me throughout that I had to resolve - my need to minimize the number of products I was using and avoiding as many chemicals as possible.

  • I realized that no matter how good or costly a product I bought, I never really went on to use it reguarly to see the results. I was just too lazy to slather on that many 'speacialized treatment' products. I wanted something simple, something more basic, but still having the ability to solve all of my woes.
  • Articles talking about how the body absorbs a lot of what we put on it made me worry. The realization that our random medical issues might be in any way related to the cosmetics we have been using is just too scary a thought. I want to have a clean body inside-out. Because honestly, someday I would want to have a baby inside and I do not want it to be floating in cosmetics induced chemicals (ok, may be exaggerating, but not all untrue!)  

So this made me quit most of my skincare products.

I bought myself organic coldpressed virgin coconut oil and olive oil (because that is what they say is the purest and the best) and started using them as cleanser, face and body moisturizer, makeup remover, hair conditioner, leave-in conditioner/hair serum.

This change has also enabled me to bid goodbye to more than 200 of synthetic chemicals which I was forcing onto my body through above mentioned products.

Within a couple of weeks' time, these are the changes I have experienced:

  • My skin feels so nourished and moisturized - at all times. No more dryness!
  • My face looks clearer and brighter. 
  • My hair feel smoother and healthier.
My skin has never looked better. My skin has never felt better.

I am exploring more options to minimize my beauty routine. I am seriously considering quitting shampoo. I wish we had more options for organic make up products in India.

For now, I am happy just exploring natural, minimal and very effective skincare. My skin breathes. It brings me joy. I am finally learning to cherish my own self, naturally as I am.

Honest Endeavour

It started as a curiosity when I entered the world of rural development. First, I was introduced to the pandora of beautiful creations being woven in tiny villages across the country. Then I was exposed to the sorrowful conditions these weavers were suffering at the hands of globalization, mechanization and a general disdain for anything made locally. 

It always made me question what could be done about it. What could I do about it? 
If only handlooms were easily available, affordable and popular.

For a change, I decided to be a part of the solution than the question itself. 
Introducing - Honest Handloom - my sincere attempt at bringing the best of handmade, handwoven and handcrafted textiles from across the country.

Every product you choose to buy will directly benefit the weaver and help support the dying art forms.

Share your love, wishes and support @honesthandloom and spread the good word.

Shop here

And Happy National Handloom Day!

Do or Don't : Bedroom Exclusivity

Bedroom decor, relationships, couples
Not ours! :P

The pun not intended. I meant the title literally.

Our bedroom is exclusive to us. Of course, you can see it if you wanted to, but we don't entertain guests here. We do not bring friends over in this room to sit and have a chat, ever. When we have a party at home, we just bolt the room, especially because the kids love to sneak in and jump on our fluffy mattress. They ALWAYS find a way to!

The thing is, our bedroom is sacred to us. There is nothing secret here, no hidden jewels. It is just a normal room with our bed, cupboards and dressers. Not too much decor either. But it is our cave, the only place for us to just be. This is the place we are man and wife, where we talk, discuss, dream and build the basics of our life together. And we value that a lot. May be we are lucky we get to live in such a big house. May be we may not be able to remain the same when we have kids or if we had to live in a temporary shelter (possibility given the nature of Soldier's line of work). But for now, as long as we are able to, we just want it to be for us, just us two.

What are your views on the same? Is your bedroom open for all? Would love to know your thoughts.

On Inter-Cultural Marriages

I am a North Indian brought up in the South. My husband was born and brought up in a small Maharashtrian town. We have, what we call an inter-cultural marriage. No, I am not going to get into the caste discussion because that is something we neither believe in nor give a damn about. We are talking about coming from different cultural backgrounds, having different mother tongues and basically just being brought up differently. And if I have to sum up all of my experiences, it would be in just one word - FUN.

It was never something we planned for. Though I remember, since childhood, if I ever thought about marrying someone from similar culture/state, I always felt like it would be kind of …ummm…boring. Not that I criticize similar profile marriages; any marriage based on mutual love, trust and respect is honourable in my eyes.  But for me, if we were to speak the same language and eat the same food, where would be the excitement of learning something new? And given that I am a hippie at heart always seeking new adventures and as many travel experiences as possible, marrying a person from a different background ensured lifetime supply of culture-tales at our very home itself!

I feel very proud of my two families for consciously choosing to build a home where differences melt given that ours was not a love marriage. And I feel so proud of couples who have consciously chosen to build a family with love and faith despite the differences in their cultures.

Let us discuss few important aspects of such a melting pot of a marriage, that probably would have or will concern us at one point of time or another in our lives:

1) Food: I think it’s all about finding a balance. Two days a week, I try to cook something Maharasthrian. Two days a week, I cook something North Indian. Two days are any other cuisine like continental, Chinese or even a Pizza takeaway. Sundays are our special meals day where we try to cook something elaborate, nativity notwithstanding.  

Brownie points, if you can learn to cook some special dishes from his culture (it’s the homemaker in me speaking!). For example, I never ate mutton before marriage, but now I cook Kolhapuri mutton like a pro.

Till you find a balance, Maggi zindabad!

2) Rituals: Family rituals intimidate me, especially because I am quite non-religious. But am I complaining about all the heavenly modak that I get to eat? No, Sir! :D

I am not sure how people who are from different religious background make it work. I guess the secret lies in balance and acceptance.

3) Language: Hindi is our national language. English is our official language. Repeat after me. If you still do not know either of these two languages, it doesn’t take an Einstein to convey to pick up your wet towel from the floor or we are going to order takeaway tonight; or even, you look hot, let’s get frisky tonight in sign language ;). Ultimately, understanding and speaking the language of love is all that matters.

I do hope I can learn Marathi though. I have always dreamt of being multi-lingual, but I’m so hopeless at it – the only two Marathi words I can speak with swag are Kombdi (hen) and Gaadhav (donkey)!

4) Children: I think in a healthy intercultural marriage, children do not grow with conflicting views, but with the best of both worlds.

I do hope we can bring up children who are more open, respectful as well as accepting of different cultures. One thing they will definitely be not is - Discriminatory. Nurturing an inter-cultural marriage at home means teaching your kids by example that being a good human being is paramount - more important than the caste, creed, colour or your ethnicity. 

Isn't that what we need the most in today's world - people who believe in humanity more than anything else?

Of course, being in the fauj just makes our life easier. If you want to see national integration in it’s true spirit, come visit a military station; the couples, the children, the soldiers, they know only one name – INDIA (Yeah, Chak De style!).

I spoke to some of my friends who share a similar story and this is what they had to say:

"My husband's background is a typical Banarasi Brahmin one and I am a Malayali Christian. Both of us are foodie. We relish vegetarian food and particularly non-vegetarian dishes. Food is usually not a problem with us unless my mother-in-law visits us. We go without non-veg food for good about a month in our house, though we manage to visit friends’ house or restaurants to fulfil our cravings: P Inter-cultural marriages are a compromise made for your beloved. It doesn’t matter what you follow, speak or eat till the time you are loved, respected and supported by your partner”- Priya

“I am from Lucknow and my husband is a Marathi. It is a different feeling altogether, to fall in love first, and then being accepted whole heartedly by the boy’s family who may have been expecting a girl from same state or language, at least. I got to learn their traditions and rituals. They have a very simple lifestyle. They have shown all their patience with me since I was zero in anything related to the culture or language. My husband has been very loving. Holding hands and always by my side. Earlier I was scared of the various rituals done in festivals. But now I am used to them.. In fact, I look forward to them.

I’m born and brought up in a fauji house. My parents had no issues. They just wanted a fauji, a good guy with a good family background, no other barriers. They liked him as my friend already. So when I told them about the marriage proposal, they agreed happily.” - Grace

“I am a Pahari born and brought up in Delhi and my husband is a Marathi. Like one is from the hills and one from the coast. I believe that for intercultural marriages, mutual understanding is important. I’m having no problems having married a man outside my culture. In fact, I feel I couldn’t have been happier and content as much as I am with him, because when we got married knowing that we were raised differently, we were ready for adjustments from the beginning itself, thus making us less stubborn in what we want from each other. Also both our families are very open minded and that’s why they arranged our wedding. Festivals are fun on both sides and we do fusion celebration. And as far as raising our child is concerned, the kid is lucky to experience variety in goodness from both sides of his grandparents. Upbringing is how we mould him which is again up to us, how better we make it…different customs are all the more fun.” – Sipika

“I am a Punjabi-Jat and my husband is Roman Catholic. My husband’s major worry is that the kids will be named Brijinder, Sukhwinder etc with a Catholic surname! Plus his is a family of purebred carnivores and mine are the exact opposite. Actually our wedding snaps have a picture like that in two states – in the church – one side Hot dresses, gowns and the other side – Pagdis and Salwar suits. But I’m quite glad that we married each other and couldn’t have asked for anything better. The good thing was that there were staunch elements (family beliefs) that we had to go through in order to get married, so no masala marriage. But just a lot of good, different fun.”- Kanika

“I am a Brahmin from Varanasi and a pure vegetarian..My husband is from West Bengal  and a hard core non-veggi. Our language, culture, everyuthing is different but still just because of him, I feel so blessed!” - Kritika

Beautiful thoughts. Aren’t they? They just make me so happy, that in this world of prejudice and discrimination, there is a ray of hope, however tiny it is. I’m glad in this life, I’m getting to bask in its fuzzy warmth.

Do you have an inter-cultural marriage? Would love to hear your story in the comments below!

Being Married : First Impressions

It's our Anniversary week!! And to celebrate it, the Soldier and I decided to do some couple posts (or rather, I decided and dragged him to participate :P). Here's our first post, about our first impressions about various things getting and being married entails. Hope you enjoy reading it!!

Our first meeting

Mrs: Even though we knew each other through my sister, we met for the first time at home – with everyone. And it was super awkward. I didn’t speak the whole time he was around. Oh, and it was Christmas! When he reached my home, I was listening to a funny Govinda song to calm my nerves. It did help!

Mr: It was a typical Christmas Day- 25 Dec 2015. I was just hoping that it wouldn’t be another trip to singing ‘Last Christmas’!! But I was clueless that I was soon to be bedazzled by this lady, who would hold me captive of her charms for eternity.

Each other

MrsOh, he was all goody goody well behaved bachcha types. If only I had known what a devil
he is!

Mr: Honestly, before she entered the room, I could hear her footsteps :P She was treading comfortably like an early warning system on two feet (I guess I’ll have to continue cooking for next two weeks when she reads about this one :P) However, once I saw her my reaction was like- ‘Oh k! So she’s going to be the lucky one!’ Little did I guess that it would be the other way around within one year.  

Mrs: Yes, you'll be cooking for the next two weeks. And what do you mean 'continue'??"


Mr: Before we met, I had known her elder sister for around 10 years!! (Can you believe it!!) And till date I wonder what wrong did I do to her that she treated me this way :P Jokes apart, I’m glad that I’d known her sister for so long, enabling our matrimony. The family in general was totally chilled out. In fact I had already spent a day with her dad in Guwahati. And I’m sure that the Almighty won’t bring anyone into such a situation, wherein you’re aware that you are being constantly judged and your every step is being evaluated, for better part of the day!! Gosh!! Sunday and no beer??!! Are you kidding??!! Sacrifices even before getting married :P Mataji seemed to be typical mom. Caring and loving types. But I’m yet to get pampered by amazing cooking of my sasuma.

Mrs: I met his mom and aunt first and they were supercool. My mother-in-law is more chilled out than my own mother. It's a fun equation.

First Date

Mrs: We went out alone to ‘get to know each other better’. And the first topic of discussion was different types of alcohol and why they are good for health! On an ordinary day, I would’ve run away from a man like that, but that day I stayed, and listened. I didn’t talk that day as well. I think that was also the last day he got to talk that much. I haven’t stopped talking since :P

We were supposed to be out for a couple of hours, instead we were out together for a good 11 hours!

Mr: On our first official date (30 Dec 2015) she wore a sweater- a green & black striped one and denims. I took her to my favorite place in the city- the sit out at JW Marriott.

Mrs: I think we went on many 'pseudo-dates' before that no? What? 'Getting to know each other' is not counted as a date??

First Song

Mrs: The first song he sang for me was ‘Hero’ by Enrique Iglesias. (If you don’t count the song ‘Just the Way you are’ by Bruno Mars that he sent to my sister’s whatsapp ‘by mistake’ :P)

I also got to know later that he has played that song for every girl he’s wanted to impress (Hmmph!)

Mr: She recreated the magic of Vicki Peterson by singing ‘Eternal Flame’.  

Mrs: It's so difficult being married to a music aficionado. Everywhere I go. I'm asked to sing, just because my husband sings well! And to say that I've never ever sung before in my life - except may be school prayer and the National Anthem!


Mrs: We both were very clear that we wanted to get married at a temple, and we wanted to have a daytime wedding. In fact, we wanted to elope with our families and get married just because it's so much more fun than traditional wedding ceremonies! It was a mammoth task to convince my family for the same as Rajputs have night weddings and small ceremony is looked down upon. But we did finally manage to find a middle ground. We did have a morning weddinge, in a beautiful Radha Krishna temple we both had discovered on one of our evenings out. And though not perfect, it was memorable. 

Oh, and did I tell you he arrived on a Bullet and not a stupid ghodi? That was SO cool!

Mr: I always dreamt of a 'destination wedding' and even she shared similar ideas (lucky me). Alas! Making parents understand in such a situation is really an arduous task. Nevertheless, parents did agree for a small wedding in a Mandir. And as the destiny would have planned it, we got married in a Mandir bang opposite of my training wing! Never ever had I even dreamt during my training days that this Mandir would one day induce a phase shift in my life!! And I hardly remember anything about the wedding, apart from the part where my entry was on a Bullet rather than a typical 'ghodi' (I'm an ardent animal lover and wanted to spare the poor animal of some back breaking experiences :P)

First movie together:

MrCan’t beat this one!! It was ‘Avengers: The Age of Ultron’. It was released when we were on our honeymoon. In one sequence during the movie, when the mighty Thor takes off, she started laughing out so loud, I was thinking to myself- what the__??!!!

Mrs: It was Avengers. It was also the first time I was watching an Avengers movie (spoiler alert: I'm not a comic book movie fan!). He had booked us those cushy recliner seats, the hall was empty as there was an earthquake just two days ago and I didn't know the story a bit. Initially I tried asking him about the characters, but within half hour of the movie, I just dozed off. When I woke up, the lights were on and I thought the movie was finally over. But when I realized it's just the intermission, I had my popcorn/cola and slept off again for rest of the movie.

First posting together

Mrs:We have been here since our marriage. And it’s amazing. We are in the unit and I understand the true meaning of when they say that Unit is like a family. The people are so warm and fun, there’s so much greenery around, no pollution, my office is a 2 minute drive away and on a clear day, I can see snow mountains! So I’m living my dream life.

It’s also so overwhelming to see how much he’s loved and respected by all of his men, as well as his fellow Officers. Kids especially adore him!

Mr: In unit… when in unit, the station turns lively however bad a place it might be.. and thankfully, she developed the same thoughts throughout her interactions with various people from varied walks of life..

First Home

Mr: I had got one wall of each room coloured with some lively colours. We called it our ‘Casa Cassata’! 

Mrs: The first time he sent me the picture of what was to be our first house together, I got all emotional and showed it to everyone at my office. Even though, like every fauji house, it looked like an abandoned heritage building. The first time he sent me the picture of the house after getting it cleaned and painted, I cried – because due to some communication gap with the workers, the walls got painted all Pink, Green, Blue, Orange, etc. I mean what adult lives in a house like that! (Note: Never leave the MES alone to paint your house). After much deliberation, we decided to stick with those walls and even nicknamed our house ‘Casa Cassata’ - like the mullti-colour ice cream. After 6 months we had to shift our house as the roof was falling off and when it was time to finally leave, we cried again! However that house was, it was our first house with so many memories. We just didn’t want to leave!

Living as a married couple

Mrs:It’s superfun! It’s like living with your best friend with no parents around :P You can eat what you want, sleep when you want, as long as you want :P My cupboard is a mess since weeks and no one to scold me :P I also feel so fortunate to be able to stay with him now unlike many military couples. Even though he’s always so busy, we do try to spend as much time as possible together, sometimes doing nothing. Sometimes we spend nights jamming on the guitar and singing at the top of our voices, not bothering about the neighbours.

Mr: Pass…. Never catch the bull by its horns… have learned it the harder way :P

Mrs: What do you mean??? (Grrr...)

First meal he / she cooked for you

Mrs: I think he made Pasta in white sauce. Or Maharashtrian style egg bhurji.

Mr: Suji ka halwa.. I don’t remember her cooking anything after that :P

Mrs: Such a liar! I'm not cooking anything tonight!!

One word that sums up your spouse

Mrs:Larger than life. The light of my life :)

Mr: My wife- the love of my life.. for all that she was, she is & she ever will be…..

One word that sums your marriage

Mrs: F.U.N!

Mr: Happily imperfect perfection!!

(Mrs: Ok, I'll cook the dinner tonight)

Wife in the Army : Yashika

Hello ladies!
I’m so excited to bring to you the third in the interview series Wife in the Army. Today we’ll be getting to know my adorable friend Yashika who talks about her Bollywoodsy love story with her hunk in uniform, the tough times of military separation, a graceful way to manage multiple social events and puts some sense into us cribbing wives as to why a peace posting, no matter how busy, is still better than field postings.

How did Army happen to you?
Army happened to me at the most unexpected time of my life with the most unexpected person. Yes, our story is quite dramatic. We met at a wedding where we fought over 'joota chupai' rasam after which we hated each other - God knows when this takraar turned into ikraar and now here we are loving and living happily.

What was your welcome prank?
There was no welcome prank for me - Yes, I missed this fun as we were posted at such place where they had all senior gang. But I was given a warm welcome by them which I still cherish.
Describe Yashika before and after Army happened to her.
Well, before marriage I was like any other Delhi University student. Loved being casual and carefree. Before marrying an Olive Green 8 am meant 11 am to me. Yashika, after marriage has learnt punctuality. I have learnt to value togetherness. Small things in life gives me immense happiness now. I have stopped cribbing and live my present to the fullest. Making my people happy and spreading smiles around is what I look forward to. Army has made me a much better person.


How did marrying into the Army impact your career?
Army did impact my career but it was by my choice so NO regrets at all. I am very clear in my priorities. Army already gives you plenty of time to stay alone so I can give up anything to stay with my husband. I have recently picked up teaching and I am loving my job. I have heard and read many ladies cribbing about it. Teaching is their last choice whereas I made it my first choice when I was contemplating between various options. I happily left my corporate chair to move with my husband.

What is a regular day in your life like?
My morning starts with checking my phone- in case any loving message from husband. Yeah, that's what separation makes you do - love your phone more than any other thing. Most of the time goes into imparting education. I have been a lucky girl to have got wonderful in-laws who I find waiting for me patiently over the dinner table so that we three can have meal together. My regular day revolves a lot around my work institution, parents and my phone.

What do you love most about being an Army wife?
In these 4 years I have loved everything about being an Army wife. The fact that I have married a soldier makes me proud. I am associated with an organization which is known for its Valor, gives me immense pride. My heart still skips a beat when I see my man in uniform. In short, I am a PROUD army wife loving him and taking pride in what he is doing.

Is there anything you dislike about being an Army wife?
Army wives wearing husbands’ rank- God, so much tantrums few senior ladies have. But I have been quite lucky to have not faced any such issue till date. I would any day dislike any lady mistreating others under the tag 'junior' / 'senior'.

How do you deal with the periods of separation in the Army?
Well, I am going through one right now. I try to keep myself occupied with work but it does not help always. I show to the world I am ok when I am not. I do cry and get upset. I do feel like telling him - leave everything and come back to me. I hate being away from him. But that's pretty normal right? You get irritable when the man you love is not around you or rather cannot be around you, because I am sure even they wish to live every moment with us but they cannot. That's the nature of their profession.

And when you’re staying together, but he still doesn’t have time (because they’re always so busy with work
I have always seen him busy only so now I have got used to it. As I have mentioned earlier too, small things give me immense happiness. Peace stations at least give you a chance to sit and share your meals. It would allow me to see him every day, that's what I’m currently waiting for.

Which has been your favourite military station/posting till date and why?
Jaipur- That was my first station as an Army wife so it will always be very close to my heart but I love all the places where I have got to stay with him. If I get a chance to stay with him at some border also I am sure I will fall in love with that place too. 

How do you manage the various social engagements that come with being an Army wife?
When I know I have to do something, I prefer doing it with a smile. 

Do you love wearing sarees (considering we have to wear one too many)? What are your favourite ones?
Our  wardrobe has some mandatory items and saree is one of them so like most of the fauji wives I too love wearing saree.

In your opinion, what are the 5 must-have wardrobe pieces for an army wife?
    1. Your regimental saree
    2. Floral prints for garden parties
    3. Smart trousers (when jeans are not allowed, they are of great help)
    4. Almost every colour saree for any color theme which can be decided just a night before your coffee
    5. Good formals for the times when you r invited for polo/ golf matches

What is the ONE style rule an Army wife should never forget?
Carry what you are comfortable in and yes, do not forget to wear your beautiful smile- that makes you even more gorgeous.

What are your favourite places to shop?
Jaipur station had lots and lots to explore, the list would be endless if I start writing about it.


How different do you think your life would be if you were married to a civilian?
l would have married the same guy, only the profession would have been different and life would have not been as adventurous as it is now.

What’s your advice to the girlfriends and new wives on living life as an Army Wife?
Be his strength and not his weakness. No matter how painful the distance is, let the love stay strong. Stand by him, support him, encourage him, miss him, wait for him but do not break down.

Do you have any message for our fellow citizens?
Army is not just about the privileges we are getting, there's much more to it.  Along with the soldier his entire family makes sacrifices. Birthdays, anniversary, important events, festivals - all are spent alone, for people who are just busy counting what benefits we are getting. Change your perspective and value what this organization is doing for you.

Thank you for the lovely interview, Yashika!

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