Still learning...

Seven months in the Army, and I'm still trying to learn..

  • How to tie a saree so as not to fall off my face while I walk
  • What is the point of Ladies Meet?
  • Why can't I be friends with another Army Wife without others feeling insecure? Or jealous? I'm trying to navigate this life, and some support would be helpful, right?
  • How to get my makeup right. Without looking like a ghost. Oh, a not-so-little-girl just said to me yesterday - Aunty, you look like ghost in this makeup! (Sulks!)
  • How not to be completely an Army Wife and just get a life of my own.
  • How to plan a Menu for party
  • How to eat less at a party
  • How to decide between gold or silver accessories for a dress?
  • How to walk like you're not a WWE wrestler?
  • To say 'Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening' instead of Hello!