On Separation in the Military

Soldier is away. I do not know for how long. May be a month, or two. Or even more. We never know.

This is our first official time of separation-due-to-duty after marriage, ignoring the two times I was away visiting both sides of the families.

And it sucks! No, really. No better way to describe it.

I do not feel like getting out of bed every morning. No, this is not an excuse for why am I sleeping till 10 everyday!!

I do not feel like stepping out of the home at all, or to attend any parties or meet or speak to anyone. I hope it is a phase that passes soon and I learn to cope well. Meanwhile, I've collated a list of activities to do when you're alone, while your husband is away guarding the nation  (feels so rad, I know!):

  1. Sleep.
    Because you don't properly when he's here, and when he'll be here again :P
  2. Stare at the roof. While you're in the bed waiting to fall asleep, or not wanting to get out of bed.
  3. Plan to clean the house. Cos we all know you wouldn't get down to actually doing it! Ha!
  4. Spend hours looking for the ideal body wash online, but skipping bath for real. Most days.
  5. Eat instant noodles -for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner. And for snacks in-between.
  6. Celebrate No-Wax Week every week, till he's home :P
  7. Watch cheesy Army videos on YouTube and sulk over how this sacrifice of separation from your husband is so important to the safety of the nation!
When you're done and tired of all of the above and have some really good me-time at hand, here's what you can actually get down to doing:

  1. Go take a shower. Try to do it every day. It's a good start for rest of the day.
  2. Start studying. If you're enrolled in a course or have upcoming exams. No better time than to do that now.
  3. Treat yourself to a facial. Or a spa. Anything that makes you feel perky :)
  4. Go hunting for a really nice lipstick. Take all the time you need in the world to find that perrrrfect shade you've been lusting over since ages!!
  5. Write him love letters. Old love feels better than new tech.
  6. Call up old friends. The ones you left behind in the civvy world. Catch up on the good times.
  7. Dance to Taylor Swift at full volume. Cos you know hubby's too cool for these school type songs.
  8. Clean your closet. No kidding! Please do!!
  9. Spend time with other ladies in your unit. Cos you're never alone. Learn from their experiences, share your woes because no one will understand you better.
  10. Get a job. Any job. If that might keep you sane.
    1. Travel. If you may. 

    Basically, stay busy and stay happy. There's always a hole in your life, a blank space in your home, till your sunshine is back from field, but sulking and anti-social behaviour won't help. You do not want your soldier to come back to a grumpy, stinking, hairy piece of mess, do you?

    So yeah, get a life! Get a smile on your face and march on! Because guess what? That brave soldier miles away endangering his life guarding the country? You're the Queen of his heart. So be like one. Brave, Defiant and Awesome!! 


    1. Nice work Shilpa...all in all a different take

      1. Thank you Sukanya :) This is my new take as a new bride...May be my perceptions and experience will change with time.. You can tell :D

    2. Nice work Shilpa...all in all a different take