What To Do When Your Husband Has An Exam

Soldier has a major exam tomorrow. He has been terribly busy for last few months (peace posting, my foot!) and rarely got any time to study. It doesn't help that his study leave was cancelled as  well and now he has just one day to study the whole syllabus. Poor he!

When your husbands have exams, which in Fauj, are in abundance (!), these are some of the things which you can do, to make sure that he can study hassle-free and (hopefully) pass in flying colours :D :-

  1. The Place: Let him decide where he wants to study; And support his decision. A separate room, in the garden, in the office or even in a field location - Let him choose where he feels most comfortable and where he can focus his best and do not nag him for it. Do not ask him why he can't study in the bedroom with you, or that you'll be in the same room and make no noise, or why does he has to sit in the office to study when there are so many rooms in the house. Let him choose, let  him study. In Defence, getting time to study is a luxury, let him decide where he can utilize it best.

  2. The Food: My Soldier feels most comfortable studying at his office. So instead of nagging him to come home for lunch/dinner etc. (because I'd been waiting for him), I did the next best thing - send the food to office! Apart from light meals like poha/sandwich which he could eat while studying, also pack in his favourite chips/nachos/popcorn/dry fruits etc. which he can munch on while he's working his brains off. Your soldier can study without losing focus and the wifey wins some brownie points too! :D Just make sure to keep heavy food like meat/biryani/pakoras for some other day so that he doesn't feel heavy and sleepy.
  3. The Family:  You can wait till the exams are over to tell him what maid problems you've been facing, or whose wife said what, or to criticize the existence of redundant events like Ladies Meet or the royalty that runs them. It can wait. Don't be a desperate housewife. Tell the babies, daddies have to study. Tell the relatives to visit sometime later. It is extremely important that your husband does well in his exams. The results impact his career in more ways than we can understand. And you want him to succeed, don't you?
  4. The Friends: While you are all alone and may feel ignored all this time, keep yourself busy. Pursue a hobby, travel if possible and stay in touch with your friends, esp if they consists of Army wives in a similar position. For me, it's a Whatsapp group of wives of the Soldier's coursemates. It is good to know that I am not alone, that what I face is nothing new, that I can crib about everything 'wrong' with this life and know that I will be heard patiently and we can all laugh together at the tragedy of our fauji wives lives :P

    So this is what I've learnt from my little experience. Most of all, be there for your man. Like he's always there for you.

Happiness is...

...Sunday dinner cooked together :)