How to Choose a Husband

I'm travelling home in a long train hour journey and a peppy teenage girl from the birth above is keeping me company. She shares her catastrophic life problems which as an adult I know would not matter at all to her when she's my age. Boys, studies, future and stuff.
She asks me, "Should I do love marriage or arranged marriage?"
I think for a while and tell her, " If you are in love with someone, but they are  not a good person, do not marry them.
If you happen to meet a really nice person through your family, do not hesitate to marry them."
Which is what matters I guess. It's not important how you marry, the only most important factor is who you marry.

My Style Icon : Emmanuelle Alt

If there's one woman, who's style I truly admire, it's the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris - Emmanuelle Alt.

Her style usually consists of simple denim/trousers, with basic t shirts and a blazer/jacket. She wears minimal accessories which is usually mostly her regular watch and belt.

In this age of excessive indulgence, Alt shows us how even minimalism can be chic.

Unlike other big names in the fashion industry who's luxurious style we can only dream of and usually cannot be adapted to the 'normal' 'real lives we live, Alt's style is wearable for the common woman - it's effortless, it's chic, it's comfortable and it's us.

How to Understand Your Husband Better

Spend some time with his family.

(unless your in-laws mirror an evil clan, which thankfully, mine do not).

It is beautiful to learn where he comes from, where he gets his culture from, his habits, his personality, his character. It is humbling to slowly unravel what makes him him. It helps you to understand him better. It helps you to be a better partner to him.

So try that. Preferably on your own. Spend some time with his family. Listen to his childhood stories (even his susu-potty tales if your in laws are as fun as mine). Know about his upbringing, his successes, his failures and all the antics in-between.

It will change the way you see your husband. For the better. Trust me.