On Army Parties

I have attended more parties in the last one month than I had in my entire pre-marriage life. Sharing the things that happen in the Army parties when you attend them as the new lady in the station:

  • You are made to sing. In every party. Especially when your husband is known for his singing and guitar skills. Even if you have never sung in your life before.
  • When the dress code says 'comfortable', you arrive wearing a salwar suit. Because you are an elegant lady, no? Only to find all other ladies is in dresses/skirts.
  • Your least shiny saree also stands out for being the most jazzy. 
  • You eat significantly less. Because you want to look like a lady and not some streetside civvy glutton.
  • You try to be a 'lady', all the time. Or at least be less clumsy.
  • Your get bombarded with the (fictious, mostly) 'adventures' of your husband's past. Just to pull your leg.
  • Your legs get pulled A LOT.
  • You laugh a lot.
  • You learn to take everything in stride and have a good time. No matter what.

Bonus: You still get to dance on cheesy Bollywood songs :D

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