We wake up in the mornings to a hot cup of ginger tea.

I make breakfast while he gets ready.

After I finish my chores, I take a shower. Then read.

When it's 12, I cook lunch.

After he goes for his sports practice, I sit out with a cup of coffee. And read.

Sometimes in the evening we go to our friends for dinner. Or their children come home and we make noodles and dance. Sometimes, it's just us two and we cook dinner. And dance.

Most nights, we ride around on his Bullet.

Every night before we go to bed, we sit for a while in our verandah where the cool summer night breeze blows across our faces, and we can look at the full moon and stars and speak about life. Or sometimes, just stay silent, soaking in the moment.

We don't have much. But we have everything we want from life.

This is a life of contentment.

Of quiet happiness.

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