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I just finished reading this interesting book from the Booker Prize winner Pat Barker. In fact, it's after very long that I've had the time to read a mature, sensible, literary novel, thanks to my new married life of no work* and all play :D

I enjoyed the process of reading this novel thoroughly. I'm liking the fact that I can take time out of my life to read more such novels of my liking. Novels like these need time. Novels like these demand and deserve to be relished, each word understood, each emotion felt. Most of all, they engage your intellect, making you ask questions, helping you understand this world a little better. But the best thing I like about reading such novels is that they inspire me to write and enable me to write better. Novels like these, make you grow.

The Officers' Mess Library has some wonderful books that I'm planning to gorge on in the coming rainy evenings. Can't wait!

What have you been reading lately?

*P.S. Washing dishes feels more work than writing an office report. I ain't complaining though. Nobody writes reports while dancing :P

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