Last Day at Work

Today was my last day of my current job. I met each and every staff before leaving, because I have interacted with and known everyone by name, including the attenders and housekeeping staff. I thanked them all for their support and care.

I am not yet sure how I'm feeling yet. Leaving a job is always a scary feeling, especially when you don't have a new job already in your hand. It's like taking a leap of faith - hoping things will work out well, hoping you'll be fine. And I believe, as I have experienced, if your heart is in the right place, it'll always work out fine. 

New life, here I come! 


While on phone last night, the Soldier said that he spotted a frog. In our bedroom. And while I was still on line, he went about ousting it from the house. I could hear it croak.

Considering the heritage status of the Army accommodations, the impending monsoons and my fear of all things that crawl, I'm sure this is what the next three months are going to look like for me:

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Two Months of Marriage...

...have taught me that if you're a team, everything else is secondary.

Pretty much :)

What's In a (Sur)Name?

A key question that faced me when I was getting married was whether I should change my surname after marriage.

I had also discussed this issue with my fiance and he said the decision was totally up to me.

After a lot of thinking and consulting with my married friends on various practical pros and cons, I decided to retain my maiden surname.

No ego involved, no identity issues, no feminism here but just because - it was the simpler way.

Changing/Adding surname means changing my surname on every single identity document I own, which is simply a LOT of paperwork.

I am proud of my maiden surname. It has been my identity till date. But I'm also equally proud of my new identity - it's going to be a part of the me the rest of my life.

Not changing my surname doesn't mean I love my husband less, or not sure of our marriage's longevity or too proud for my good.

In station, I am known by my husband's name only. Nobody knows my maiden surname. I sign the registers, guestbooks, etc. as Mrs. Soldier and I don't mind it a bit. On social media, I have added his surname to mine, because I liked to. But when it comes to important paperwork/applying for jobs, I use my maiden name only, as that is how all my documents like marksheets, degrees, bank accounts, etc. are.

Thankfully, I belong to a family (both sides) where such practical matters are not a matter of ego. So it makes my life simpler. Which is what the purpose was in the first place.

Because at the end of the day, it's who we are that matters, not what we are called.

Happiness is...

...listening to his voice after a long tiring day.

On Reading

Pat Barker books, Pat Barker, Good Novels

I just finished reading this interesting book from the Booker Prize winner Pat Barker. In fact, it's after very long that I've had the time to read a mature, sensible, literary novel, thanks to my new married life of no work* and all play :D

I enjoyed the process of reading this novel thoroughly. I'm liking the fact that I can take time out of my life to read more such novels of my liking. Novels like these need time. Novels like these demand and deserve to be relished, each word understood, each emotion felt. Most of all, they engage your intellect, making you ask questions, helping you understand this world a little better. But the best thing I like about reading such novels is that they inspire me to write and enable me to write better. Novels like these, make you grow.

The Officers' Mess Library has some wonderful books that I'm planning to gorge on in the coming rainy evenings. Can't wait!

What have you been reading lately?

*P.S. Washing dishes feels more work than writing an office report. I ain't complaining though. Nobody writes reports while dancing :P

Yes please!

That Horror...

...called your wedding video.

You know you're married when...

ALL you think about is home decor!


Just handed in my resignation to my boss. I'm not sure how I feel.

I'm happy to go back to J&K, to my home, but not sure what my professional future holds.

I just know I'm gonna be fine.

Like I always have been :)

Realization the day you know home is where he is.