Warning signs

You know you're spending too much time alone when you start thinking that having a baby rightaway might not actually be a bad idea!?!

Note to self: Please find a job ASAP.


We wake up in the mornings to a hot cup of ginger tea.

I make breakfast while he gets ready.

After I finish my chores, I take a shower. Then read.

When it's 12, I cook lunch.

After he goes for his sports practice, I sit out with a cup of coffee. And read.

Sometimes in the evening we go to our friends for dinner. Or their children come home and we make noodles and dance. Sometimes, it's just us two and we cook dinner. And dance.

Most nights, we ride around on his Bullet.

Every night before we go to bed, we sit for a while in our verandah where the cool summer night breeze blows across our faces, and we can look at the full moon and stars and speak about life. Or sometimes, just stay silent, soaking in the moment.

We don't have much. But we have everything we want from life.

This is a life of contentment.

Of quiet happiness.

Army Wives

Just one week into the Army and I realise :

  • Every lady looks beautiful
  • Every lady cooks well
  • Every lady bakes .. too good!
  • Every lady has a perfectly maintained house
  • Every lady is such a perfect lady!

How will I ever match up to them?

On Army Parties

I have attended more parties in the last one month than I had in my entire pre-marriage life. Sharing the things that happen in the Army parties when you attend them as the new lady in the station:

  • You are made to sing. In every party. Especially when your husband is known for his singing and guitar skills. Even if you have never sung in your life before.
  • When the dress code says 'comfortable', you arrive wearing a salwar suit. Because you are an elegant lady, no? Only to find all other ladies is in dresses/skirts.
  • Your least shiny saree also stands out for being the most jazzy. 
  • You eat significantly less. Because you want to look like a lady and not some streetside civvy glutton.
  • You try to be a 'lady', all the time. Or at least be less clumsy.
  • Your get bombarded with the (fictious, mostly) 'adventures' of your husband's past. Just to pull your leg.
  • Your legs get pulled A LOT.
  • You laugh a lot.
  • You learn to take everything in stride and have a good time. No matter what.

Bonus: You still get to dance on cheesy Bollywood songs :D

The Aunty Diaries

When the kids meet me for the first time - "Hello didi!".

The parents, "Beta, meet this is Soldier uncle's wife."

The kids again, "Oh, Good Evening Aunty!!"

Me outside - forced smile.

My heart inside " Oh dear lord! Why this injustice??"

The most important person in a marriage

We had our first formal dinner today with the soldier's old unit's officers and their families.

All the wives could talk about were - maids!

I cannot tell you how bored I was! I wondered if this is what my life too is going to be all about in a couple of months/years! 

Meanwhile, I'm slowly learning the art of sleeping while keeping my eyes wide open. Fauji ishtyle ;)

What Makes Us Special

We are one of those rare couples who manage to meet with an accident on the first day of their honeymoon and spend rest of the holiday nursing their injuries.

I'm not yet sure to laugh or to cry.